⚓️ Crew News: February 2019 Newsletter


⚓️ Crew News: February 2019 Newsletter

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Welcome aboard crew members! This is the official ‘Crew News’ which is your source for everything awesome going around HPCF. So, Jump aboard as we are about to set sail and you won’t want to be left at the dock!

February 2019 Edition

In This Newsletter

  • Section 1 – The Compass – A quick look Back
  • Section 2 – The Steerage – Featured Athlete of the Month
  • Section 3 – A look through the telescope –Upcoming events (Open, intramural open, nautical mile, power monkey
  • Section 4 – From the Bow of the Ship – Events for the month (the open / Intramural open)
  • Section 5 – Committed Club – Did you make the cut?
  • Section 6 – Attendance Milestones
  • Section 7 – Social Clubs – Book club, Murder Mystery Club, Run Club
  • Section 8 – Captain’s Log – Juice Cleansing & Intermittent Fasting
  • Section 9 – From The Passenger Deck- Social Comments of the month
  • Section 10 – Swashbuckler Award – Shocking Member Transformations
  • Section 11 – Staff Updates – Rachel Kenney (New Intern!)
  • Section 12 – CrossFit Kids – Now enrolling for March 27, 2019
  • Section 13 – Lifetime Membership
  • Section 14 – WOD Science
  • Section 15 – From The Galley – In The Kitchen With Dave ‘Loaded Apples’
  • Section 16 – Wodify is Coming soon
  • Section 17 – Kids Parties

Section 1:

The Compass


A Quick Look Back

Another month has come and gone… And now that we are into February, we are almost out of the thick of winter! At the very least, we have the CrossFit Open to look forward to!

Now, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look back at what took place in January…

Mike Bailey came down and shared some knowledge bombs on rowing technique with about 17 athletes this past month. We learned many things about rowing – mainly proper form. We are already seeing vast improvements in the gym. Just remember, to practice!

We started our new ‘Thursday Skill Days’ this past month, which have been a big hit! If you still do not know what Thursday Skill days are, click the link above to go to our blog, where we have a write up and a full Anchored Episode that discusses it. Anyways, we are excited to see more improvements on our movements. We’ve already hit on; Strongman, the snatch, and gymnastics.. We have Jerks and DU’s coming! You wont want to miss out so make sure you’re getting in on Thursdays!

January was our first month in which we tracked everyone’s attendance to make the new Committed Club  Congratulations to Desiree Farchione and Anthony Wurster for winning the gear bag for January! If you didn’t win the raffle, don’t worry, you’re still in the running for February AND possibly the quarter drawing if you make the next 2 months! Congratulations to EVERYONE who made the
Committed Club this past month!

Section 2:

The Steerage

January 2018 Member of the Month Spotlight


Our January Member(s) of the Month Spotlight goes to…

Nikki & Jerime Benzow!

Each month we like to recognize 1 member of either gym who stands out among the rest of the crowd. Each of the members we choose to highlight hold true to Peak Performance’s Core Values, which are: “Happy. Healthy. Community.”

Each one of these values stands for the following:

Healthy: Healthy stands for what we do in the gym. We improve people’s health & wellness and we increase their longevity.

Happy: Happy stands for how we conduct our business. We promote a positive and empowering environment for our members and staff to thrive in.

Community: Community is what we do it for. We are cultivating a community of people dedicated to improving their health and wellness and a community where everyone feels welcome and has a sense of belonging.

This month, Nikki & Jerime stood out to our entire staff & our HPCF Ambassador Members who recognized our very first Dual/Husband & Wife M.O.M nominees!

Section 3:

A look through the telescope

Upcoming Events To Mark Your Calendars

(Click the links below for more info)

A Special Note: We’ve had some feedback from members who are not on the social media platforms (Facebook) and therefor feel that they cannot see upcoming events, or other gym news.

Solution: To help these members who prefer not to use social media, we have now been posting ALL events to our website and have created a link at the top of the home page that reads “Upcoming Events” for easy access! You can also access the Events Page here <—

Section 4:

From the Bow of the Ship



The Intramural Open, Season 2 is starting now! HPCF Ambassadors will be approaching members of the gym attempting to recruit you!

On the weekend of February 14th, we will be hosting a fantasy draft with everyone who signed up. This will mean, everyone who signed up get’s placed onto a team!

After teams are announced, the fun begins!


Come meet the members of our Wellness Team!

Total health & Wellness is more than JUST fitness… Don’t get us wrong, fitness is a BIG part of the puzzle… But total health and wellness encompasses a team approach to fitness, taking care of your body through: Chiropractic care, Sports massage, and nutrition.

Come talk to our Health & Wellness Team on February 16th in Kenosha



Friday Night Lights starts February 22nd and runs every subsequent Friday through March 22nd.

Each gym will host a week, and switch off each week… But which Gym will host week 1, 3 & 5? That’s up to you and your team to decide! What do we mean by this? Well, you better go back and read the rules to the ‘Intramural Open’!


Whenever February rolls around, we start to get a little excited… not (just) because winter is almost over, but because this means that the CrossFit Open season is nearly here! We are about 2 weeks out from hearing Dave Castro announce 19.1 and we are so excited! We are also a little sad, as this appears to be the final Open before CrossFit changes the format.

Wondering what the CrossFit Open is? Click the link below to find out.

What is the CrossFit Open?

Section 5:

Committed Club


Section 6:

Visit Milestones


On top of our awesome Committed Club recognition, we are going to start implementing visit milestones very shortly! Over the next few months, each milestone visit to the gym; 100, 300, 500…. visits will earn you a little postcard in the mail as well as a new fancy corresponding wristband to help remind you to #Justshowup

The new milestone visit recognition will replace our old 1 year anniversary gym bag gift… The reason being, is because we aren’t satisfied with the quality of the bags and the durability of them… We feel that this does not reflect our standards. Plus, we don’t want you all to make just 1 year, we want to recognize all the work you put into just showing up to the gym daily and putting in that work!

P.s. Don’t worry, we still plan to give out patches for certain yearly anniversaries, because we love to see these patches on your vests!

Section 7:

Social Clubs

Book Club


Do you enjoy reading? Have you considered joining the HPCF Book Club? Nicole Scanlon took it upon herself to form a book club, which meets 1x/month to discuss 1 book the entire group has read!

Come join the group as it’s just a fun social event that anyone can partake in.

The next book:
The Devil in the White City

Next Meeting:
Thursday, February 28th @6:15pm Racine

Contact Nicole Scanlon for more info

Kenosha True Crime Documentary Club


Enjoy true crime documentaries? Then this club could be for you!

Come join the group as it’s just a fun social event that anyone can partake in.

This month’s true crime documentary:
Abducted in Plain Sight

Next Meeting:
Saturday, 2/23 – Time and place TBD

Contact Sara Cummings for more info

Run Club

Enjoy running? Training for an upcoming marathon or race? Then this club could be for you!

Come join the group as it’s just a fun social event while you get to train with others!

Meets every Sunday: Weather permitting

Contact Ed Mathein for more info


Section 8

Captain’s Log

Episode 44: Juice Cleansing & Intermittent Fasting


The crew discuss the many pros & cons of juice cleansing and intermittent fasting.

Both seem to be all the rage right now. But, juice cleansing sometimes have a negative connotation about them… People sometimes misconstrue a juice cleanse as a weight loss scheme… But believe it or not, juice cleansing can actually help repair some gut bacteria issues among other awesome benefits. Coach Corian explains her journey into her juice cleanse and how it is helping and effecting her.

Coach Jason has done several intermittent fasts, which for him, was also about cleansing his system of “toxins”.

There are many different opinions on these topics. Some are good, some are bad. But like anything, it’s all about what, and who you believe and WHY you are trying something. There really is no right or wrong here, and we aren’t telling you that you MUST DO THIS… However, we are just sharing our journey on this topic.

Section 9:

From The Passenger Deck – Social Comments of the Month


Like “Sappy Posts”? So do we…

That’s why we stole Maren McNeil’s post for this month’s highlight. Her post reads:

“Sappy post alert:

I just attended a funeral of a person I didn’t know (as the pianist for the service). His friends and family stood up to say how much they loved him – and that he was just an ordinary man who did extraordinary things.

I thought of my own family and friends, and how blessed I am to know every single one of them. And then I thought of these 4 ladies I worked on a team with this morning before the funeral, and how much I love each of them.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Thinking of my family and all my friends with a whole lot of love right now. Grateful for the people I get to call “my people.” Love you all. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤️”

Do you want your post be featured here? Share your story on your social media and tag us! We will try to find 1 post every month that we feel inspires & motivates others!

Section 10:

January’s Swashbuckler Award


This month’s shout out goes out to Cory Koeller. Cory has really been putting in some hard work around the gym and it surely hasn’t gone unnoticed. From losing weight, to trying to refine his techniques in the lifts, Cory has been putting in the work ethic to make positive changes. Great Job Cory!

Section 11:

Staff Updates


We are delighted to introduce our newest intern, Rachel Kenney!

Rachel has already started her internship with us, and you’ve probably seen her around the gym working out, or shadowing other Coaches.

As she continues to move through the internship process, you’ll start to see her getting more involved in the Coaching portions of the classes.

Rachel has been CrossFitting for the past 2 years. Prior to CrossFit, Rachel was a gymnastics instructor… So, we are excited to share her expertise in this area!

Rachel will be attending her CrossFit Level 1 – Coaching Cert in mid-March!

Section 12:

CrossFit Kids


Coach Nate is now enrolling for his Spring session of CrossFit Kids!

HPCF Members who sign up for the entire 6-week unlimited receive an additional 10% off. Contact us to receive the discount code.

Starting March 26th, 2019

Section 13:

Become a Lifetime Member

Become a big part of the team! We are inviting up to 3 Peak Performance Members to join our crew with a lifetime membership offer. You pay 1 fee, and then no more gym dues FOREVER! Plus, all lifetime members receive an additional 10%-off all retail purchases for life… Plus you’ll know that you’ve contributed to something awesome, as we have big plans for the future of HPCF and want you to be around for all of them!

Talk about taking a big step towards a life of health & wellness! We are only offering this to the first 3 members or until time expires at the end of this month! This offer only comes around 1x/year, and each year the price increases, so if you wait til next year, this price won’t be around!

Section 14:

WOD Science with Coach Dave & Eddie

Section 15:

From The Galley

Loaded Baked Apples

Brought to you by “In The Kitchen With Coach Dave”

A tasty dessert recipe we like to call “Loaded Baked Apples” – This is so easy a caveman could do it… Wait, that line is for insurance… But still, all you need to do is put the apples into the oven for 15 minutes and then top with your favorite toppings!

P.s. Thanks to Kristine Schmaling, you can now enjoy the printed versions of all these recipes! Kristine has been printing them off and putting them in the athlete areas of the gym. Feel free to take the recipes and use them! Oh, and don’t forget to share what you’re cooking. We love to see your posts tagging us.

Section 16:

Wodify Is Coming!


In the next few weeks, you’ll see some significant changes taking place. We’re installing the Wodify Core Kiosk – a large monitor and a keyboard – on the wall of the gym. It’s a big investment that’s going to make your fitness experience that much better.

Wodify was designed to help you:

Log into classes and your billing profile; See the workout for the day; Check your performance history; Enter your WOD/Lift scores; View the Leaderboard; Visualize your progress over time; Hit more PRs.!

It’s an All-in-one app for everything and will be replacing SugarWOD and Mindbody…

We’re really excited about Wodify and hope that once it goes live, you’ll enjoy the features inside the gym and on the mobile app.

Keep an eye out for more emails about the benefits of Wodify delivered to your inbox or here on the blog!

P.s. Don’t worry, when it comes time to switch, we will let you all know so you can transfer all your SugarWOD PR’s into Wodify! 🙂

Section 17:

Kids Birthday Parties


Peak Performance wants to host your child’s next birthday party! Packages include Coach lead games for the kids to play, some skills workshops, such as: Learning how to use the rings, climbing the ropes and gymnastics tumbling. We will also have some arts & craft time and cupcakes are included! If you’re interested in hosting your child’s party at the gym, fill out the form below!

Host Your Child’s Birthday at the gym