2018 Wrap up. A year in review; December newsletter


2018 Wrap up. A year in review; December newsletter

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Welcome aboard crew members! This is the official ‘Crew News’ which is your source for everything awesome going around HPCF. So, Jump aboard as we are about to set sail and you won’t want to be left at the dock!


January 2019 New Year Edition

In This Newsletter

  • Section 1 – The Compass – A quick look Back
  • Section 2 – The Steerage – Featured Athlete of the Month
  • Section 3 – A look through the telescope –Upcoming events
  • Section 4 – From the Bow of the Ship – Events for the month
  • Section 5 – Book Club – Mozart’s Starling
  • Section 6 – Captain’s LogEp. 40: Maggie Picazo’s Journey
  • Section 7From The Passenger Deck- Social Comments of the month
  • Section 8 – Swashbuckler Award – Shocking Member Transformations
  • Section 9 – Staff Updates – Coach Jared Mathieus
  • Section 10 – CrossFit Kids – Now enrolling for January 2019!
  • Section 11 – WOD Science – IR/ER of the shoulder
  • Section 12 – From The Galley In The Kitchen With Dave ‘Steak Tacos’
  • Section 13 – Want to host your child’s next Party at the Gym? Contact us today!

– The Compass –


Another month has come and gone, but this time with the passing month, we said goodbye to 2018! Before we get too far into it, let’s take a look back to what took place in December and the year!

Thanks to everyone who generously donated to the giving trees! We hope this brought you some comfort by bringing the joy of Christmas to these families! We will do this again next year!

We celebrated Christmas a bit early in the month, when we kicked off the party with our annual ugly sweater WODs & white elephant gift exchange! On Christmas-Eve we did the gym’s 12-WODs of Christmas WOD!

Corian, Hona, Stephanie and Eddie participated in our FIRST ‘Wellness Saturday‘ event in Kenosha. In the future, this group will be hosting 1 ‘Wellness Saturday’ event each month! They will be alternating gyms every month so everyone can participate! Keep your eyes peeled for event postings! The next Wellness Saturday’ is scheduled for Saturday, January 12th in Racine!

Here’s a look back on 2018’s biggest highlights!


– The Steerage –

December 2018 Member of the Month Spotlight


Our November Member of the Month Spotlight goes to Ken Mullen!

Each month we like to recognize 1 member of either gym who stands out among the rest of the crowd. Each of the members we choose to highlight hold true to Peak Performance’s Core Values, which are: “Happy. Healthy. Community.”

Each one of these values stands for the following:

Healthy: Healthy stands for what we do in the gym. We improve people’s health & wellness and we increase their longevity.

Happy: Happy stands for how we conduct our business. We promote a positive and empowering environment for our members and staff to thrive in.

Community: Community is what we do it for. We are cultivating a community of people dedicated to improving their health and wellness and a community where everyone feels welcome and has a sense of belonging.

Ken stood out to our staff after Coach Jason recognized Ken being an awesome influence during the morning WODs; cheering on his fellow classmates, helping others and putting other’s needs before his own! Great job Ken!

– A look through the telescope –

Upcoming Events To Mark Your Calendars

(Click the links below for more info)

A Special Note: We understand that having the separate big events this past year, were not as well received as we had originally thought… With that said, for 2019, we will be hosting 1 event as a “community” instead of separating the gyms. We will continue to alternate which gym hosts the events, but it will be 1 event only! #2gyms1community

– From the Bow of the Ship –



January 12th in Racine from 9a-11a – Join Coach Corian, Hona, Stephanie, Dr. Eddie Lockhart and Christian from Drs. of Physical Therapy for our 2nd Wellness Saturday event!

RSVP to Event

CrossFit Kids is NOW Enrolling! Sign up using this link! Remember, HPCF members receive 10% off! You can use the link, or contact a Coach for more information to get registered.

Sign up!

Last month, the Coaching Staff went through an awesome Rowing Seminar with Mike Bailey. Mike taught us some really neat tips and tricks to help up our Coaching game! Mike is coming back to Peak Performance Fitness Facility on Sunday, January 27th, at 12noon-2:30pm to teach interested athletes about better rowing techniques! Cost is ONLY $35 per person!

Sign up For the Clinic

Whenever January rolls around, we start to get a little excited… not (just) because the holidays are over, but because this means that the CrossFit Open season is nearly here! We are about 5 weeks out from hearing Dave Castro announce 19.1 and we are so excited! We are also a little sad, as this appears to be the final Open before CrossFit changes the format. This year, we plan to host our ‘Throwdown’ events like last year – After Castro announces the release, we will have 2 gym members go head to head to complete the workout as we cheer them on! This was so fun last year! For our “under the lights” events, we will be announcing this as we get closer, and once the logistics have been worked out!

Wondering what the CrossFit Open is? Click the link below to find out.

What is the CrossFit Open?

NEW Committed Club for 2019!


To help encourage members to stay committed, we implemented the new #Justshowup slogan! We started the Committed Club last year and saw some tremendous results! We felt it helped keep people interested in showing up to classes. Going in to 2019, we wanted to make the incentive to #justshowup a bit more exciting! You can see the posters posted at each gym next to the boards, or look above at the photo for official rules!

REMINDER: All classes attendance will be tracked using MindBody only! Make sure you are logging into classes! If, you think we made a mistake, no problem, send Coach Corian or Stephanie a message and they can double check to see if you were missed and we will give you credit for the visits if we missed you!

– HPCF Book Club –

Do you enjoy reading? Have you considered joining the HPCF Book Club? Nicole Scanlon took it upon herself to form a book club, which meets 1x/month to discuss 1 book the entire group has read!

Come join the group as it’s just a fun social event that anyone can partake in.

The next book:
Mozart’s Starling

Next Meeting:
Thursday, January 24th @6:30pm Racine

Contact Nicole Scanlon for more info


– Captain’s Log –

Episode 40: Maggie Picazo’s Journey


For episode we sat down with Maggie Picazo to discuss her health and wellness journey; how she found CrossFit, what obstacles she’s faced, and how she has remained focused and determined to continue.

Last year, one of Maggie’s videos got a lot of exposure after CrossFit.com re-posted it, and Maggie gained a lot of friends and publicity over this video and she has inspired many others to also pursue a new healthy lifestyle.

– From The Passenger Deck –

Social Comments of the Month


This month, we are recognizes 3 posts that caught our eye. The first comes from Maggie Picazo – Many of you probably already know Maggie get’s a lot of attention regarding her posts… but this is because she doesn’t hold back. She’s never afraid to speak the truth even if that means she will get criticized. Her posts are selfless, and she’s trying to help inspire others to take their health and wellness seriously as well. We loved this post because it showcased her journey throughout this past year! Keep it up Maggie!

Sara Benner is getting some love here as well for many of the same reasons. Sara has really focused her mind, body and spirit this past year and from her progress photo collage you can not only see the amazing physical changes, but the emotional changes are evident in her smile. Great job Sara, we are proud of your journey!

Our final recognition goes to Maren McNeil, who is also one of our newest Racine Ambassadors! If you haven’t been following Maren’s journey, you need to start paying attention! Last year Maren started with HPCF to change her life… and she did just that! She’s seen weight loss, but gained loads of confidence! She continues to strive to be better… and we can see these positive changes every day she’s in! Recently, Maren got her husband to join her for the FREE community WOD Saturday!

Do you want your post be featured here? Share your story on your social media and tag us! We will try to find 1 post every month that we feel inspires & motivates others!

– December’s Swashbuckler Award –


Check out these awesome results! Our man Mike Preston has been working so hard when he comes to the gym. We call him “Mr. Consistent” (ok, we just made that up)… but he comes pretty much every single day because he loves to lift weights! Recently, Mike decided that in order to keep seeing amazing results, he needed to focus on his Nutrition. You can see from the photos above (courtesy of OWN Health Coaching) that in just 6-weeks, he’s making tremendous progress! Just goes to show that diet & exercise are both equally important!

– Staff Updates –

Coach Jared has been recently promoted from our part time coaching staff, to become our full time morning Coach in Kenosha. We are excited because Coach Jared has a very strong knowledge of proper movement and technique and he loves to share this knowledge with others.

Coach Jared also has a little swagger about him that we believe will bring a positive energy and vibe to the morning crew!

Don’t worry Racine, he will still be around!


– CrossFit Kids Coming January 15, 2019 –


CrossFit Kids is here! Hurry, spots are beginning to fill up and we only have 7 days left before registration closes!

HPCF Members who sign up for the entire 6-week unlimited receive an additional 10% off. Contact us to receive the discount code.

Starting January 15, 2019!

Reserve your spot in the Kids Program

– WOD Science With Coach Dave & Dr. Eddie –

– From The Galley –

Steak Tacos

Brought to you by “In The Kitchen With Coach Dave”

Do you like Tacos?? ….Sorry, what kind of question is that!??!! We already know the answer! the biggest draw back with Tacos is the carb heavy tortillas… well, this week, Coach Dave shares a way you can make your own delicious tortillas that are a lot less carb heavy and still taste great!

Remember to Schedule Your Goal Session


Remember, Goals sessions are FREE! Why do them? Sometimes we all get into a rut, or, we just don’t know where to focus our energy next. Sitting down with a Coach to go over some of your goals and what is important to you, we can help guide you in the right direction. These goals sessions are always FREE, will always be FREE and we encourage you to sit down with us because we love to help guide you in this journey! 🙂

Book Your Goals Session Here

Peak Performance wants to host your child’s next birthday party! Packages include Coach lead games for the kids to play, some skills workshops, such as: Learning how to use the rings, climbing the ropes and gymnastics tumbling. We will also have some arts & craft time! If you’re interested in hosting your child’s party at the gym, fill out the form below!

Host Your Child’s Birthday at the gym