4 Tips to Fool Proof Your Diet During Thanksgiving


4 Tips to Fool Proof Your Diet During Thanksgiving

Thinking About Jumping Off the Tracks For Thanksgiving? Don’t… Here’s 4-Tips To Stay On Track.


4-tips and tricks to fool proof your diet during the Thanksgiving Holiday… and still enjoy yourself!

By Coach Jared Mathieus –

Disclaimer: No, you don’t need to bring Tupperware chicken and broccoli and avoid all food. That’s insane and a surefire way to immediately jump off the tracks and into the f*ck it mentality. Instead, let’s..

1️⃣ Eat breakfast and lunch. Thinking about skipping breakfast and having half a granola bar for lunch? Bad idea. Let’s not show up to a house full of unlimited food and social pressure to max out our bellies while literally feeling starved. Eating throughout the day will put you in a position to not physically feel the need to over indulge.

2️⃣ Get up and do something physical.  Go to the gym, take your dog for a walk, YouTube an at home workout video. I don’t care, just get some movement in. Theres no need to run a marathon to earn “extra cals” that’s not how it works. But some movement will get your day started on the right foot.

3️⃣ Most importantly, stay in the drivers seat. I’m talking about not giving into Uncle Bob peer pressuring you to have that 3rd piece of pie with him so he doesn’t feel as bad about having it. If someone offers you food or alcohol you don’t want, don’t take it!  It is that simple. Smile and say no thank you. Then when you hear the “oh cm’onnnnnn just do it, you’re not at the gym joke”… smile and say no thank you again. If someone asks you a third time, smile and say thank you AGAIN.  If they ask a fourth time they’re insane and I hope you only have to see them for Holidays. Seriously though, don’t make poor choices just to make someone else feel comfortable.

4️⃣ Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. Start by filling your plate with protein and veggie based sides, then potatoes, cranberry sauce etc. Hold off on the brownies and pie until you’ve actually eaten your real food. Then take a second trip back to the kitchen for some desserts and eat them like a civilized human. I don’t tell my clients to completely avoid desserts /alcohol. Make a plan on how much you’ll have and stick to it. I use 2 sweets and two glasses of wine.