HPCF August ‘Crew News’ Newsletter


HPCF August ‘Crew News’ Newsletter

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Welcome aboard crew members! This is the official ‘Crew News’ which is your source for everything awesome going around HPCF. So, Jump aboard as we are about to set sail and you won’t want to be left at the dock!


August 2018

In This Newsletter

  • Section 1 – The Compass – A quick look Back
  • Section 2 – From the Bow of the Ship – What’s coming
  • Section 3 – The Steerage – Featured athlete of the Month
  • Section 4 – Captain’s Log – Anchored EP. 020 ‘How to deal with negativity
  • Section 5 – New Recruits – New members to the gym
  • Section 6 – From The Passenger Deck- Social Comment of the month
  • Section 7 – Swashbucklers – Shocking Member Transformations
  • Section 8 – Apparel Item of the month – Blenders & Mugs
  • Section 9 – Movement tips & Tricks – Banded Lat Pull-Overs
  • Section 10 – WOD Science – New video series with Coach Eddie
  • Section 11 – From The Galley In The Kitchen With Dave

– The Compass –


We can’t believe how fast time flies! With all the good times together and awesome events, the summer is just passing us by!

In July, we had some amazing and fun events. Our July Community event we hung out at Pennoyer Park Beach in Kenosha and enjoyed the 4th of July festivities with each other!

Elijah “EZ” Muhammad came through again this year and taught an awesome Snatch Clinic which several members enjoyed and learned some awesome new techniques.

Our 2nd annual ‘Summer Throwdown’ Strongman Competition went down as well! We saw truck pulls, tire flips and Coach Dave ‘Castro-Yandel’ introduced the slosh pipe! This competition is designed to get participants to have fun, and handle items we don’t normally see on a day to day basis! Next year we already have some fun things planned so don’t be shy next year! Congrats to our winners!

July’s check in challenge went over well as we saw an increase in daily participation at the gyms, so we know you all worked hard and didn’t let the summer parties get you off your goals! Winners to the challenge are –


  • Mercedes Rios (UR basket)
  • Kimberly Preston (Zevia basket)
  • Emily Rose Carlini (Moroccan Oil basket)
  • Brenna Sue (Grocery trip w/Corian )
  • Stuart Bernett Jr. (Personalized programming from Dave)
  • Sherry Wirth (Greatest lift session of all time)
  • Sam Wills-Leonardelli (Positive Talk with Mr. Robert)
  • Lea Romero (Chiropractic session w/ Dr.Ed)
  • Kristine Schmaling (Programming class w/Mr. Blair)


  • Jordan Savaglia(UR basket)
  • Laura Bauer(Zevia basket)
  • Lynn P(Moroccan oil basket)
  • James O’Hagan(grocery trip with corian)
  • Maggie picazo(personalized programming from dave)
  • Nicole Scanlon- (lift session with Coach Andy & Coach Dusty)
  • Bob Berry( Positive talk with Coach Robert)
  • Briana Silva(chiropractic session with Dr. Edward)
  • Brittany Meyer(program a class with Mr. Blair)

– From the Bow of the Ship –

Upcoming Events To Mark Your Calendars

  • August 11th – HPCF 3 year Anniversary – Kenosha Kingfish Game
  • September 8th – Tough Mudder
  • September 15th – FREE In House weightlifting seminar (details coming soon!)
  • September 29th – In House Competition ‘The Shipwreck 3’

August’s Movement challenge is a… ‘200m Run and Baggo

Start with 30 burpees in the bank. Run 200M and when you return, throw 4 bags onto a Baggo board. Sink the bag and remove 5 burpees from your bank. Land on the board remove 3. complete the challenge up to 1 time per day to earn your ticket. Watch Coach Andy and Coach Dave explain this month’s challenge…


Remember to get your Kingfish tickets to help us celebrate the HPCF 3 year anniversary! This is a family friendly event. We have reserved tickets for the ‘Fish Bowl’ which allows you get free drinks and free food through the 8th inning! Hurry, tickets are selling out!

The Deadline to buy your ticket is August 9th.

– The Steerage –

July 2018 M.O.M: Marina Awes


Let’s give it up for this awesome gal!

Our July Member of the Month Spotlight goes to Marina Awes!

Marina is a member of our Peak Performance Fitness Facility Kenosha gym.

We as Coaches chose to recognize Marina for all of her hard work and dedication she has shown over the past 6-months. She has not only made fitness a priority in her life, but she has even started to dial in her nutrition as well. With all of this work and dedication she has seen vast improvements physically & mentally.

Marina is also a big advocate on helping everyone in the gym. This type of character trait doesn’t go unnoticed by Coaches. This is one of our biggest member rules we live by, “No member left behind”. Marina is big on helping others, doing extra workouts and even joining the run crew on their weekly runs!

Here’s some information on Marina you may, or may not have known!

– Captain’s Log –

Episode 20: Dealing with negativity


For Episode 20 we wanted to talk about something that a lot of us face as we embrace on this lifestyle of health and wellness – negativity. Negativity comes at us for a number of reasons: jealousy, ignorance, self-doubt, or misinformation/misunderstanding. It is very unfortunate, but it is part of the territory when doing something that is against the grain of common culture today. In the episode we go over why people are negative towards you and some tips and tricks you can implement to try to counteract the negativity.

– New Recruits –


High fives to these awesome peeps who joined us last month! Lot’s of awesome new faces! You may have seen them around the decks putting in their work as they work to become new recruits! If you see them around, give them a warm HPCF welcome and a High Five!

Welcome to the FitFam & the Fun!

– From The Passenger Deck –

Social Comments of the Month


There were several amazing posts this month, but two posts caught our attention that we just had to share! Michelle Lequia and her cohorts from the 9am Kenosha crew, decided to throw Samantha Carlstrom a surprise baby shower at the gym to welcome her newest addition to the world & the gym! We thought this sort of community spirit deserved to be recognized!

Our second post comes from Nicole Scanlon who stepped out of her comfort zone to share her story about her journey into CrossFit and how she took her perseverance to compete in last month’s Summer Throwdown Strongman event! Great job Nicole and thank you for sharing!

Do you want your post be featured here? Share your story on your social media and tag us! We will try to find 1 post every month that we feel inspires & motivates others!

– August’s Swashbuckler –


Check out these awesome results! The photo on the left is Michelle back in January 2016, and the photo on the right is her most recent photo as of July 2018. She’s lost over 60lbs and over 11% BF! How’d she do it? She’s remained dedicated with her nutrition, as well as her mindset, body and spirit! Awesome job Michelle, you have been awesome to watch!

– Apparel Item Spotlight –


Back by popular demand, HPCF Blender bottles and HPCF Coffee Mugs! We will be collecting your pre-orders now for these items. Sign up at the Front desks beginning next week! We will NOT be ordering extras, so make sure you get your name on the list. Blender bottles will be $18 and Coffee Mugs will be $10.

HURRY! Pre-Order Closes August 21st!

– Movement Tip –

Banded Lat Pull-Overs


Want to improve your shoulder mobility & flexibility? This little movement will help with BOTH and in turn, improve your OH Squats, your Snatch and fix some common shoulder instability problems!

Watch the Video



Coach Dave & Coach Eddie introduce a new series called, ‘WOD Science’ which is a show dedicated to explaining some of the faults, limitations and other injury prevention or mobility correcting exercises/drills you can do to improve your health & wellness.

Watch the Video

– From The Galley –

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Brought to you by “In The Kitchen With Coach Dave”


We love bell peppers! So delicious and full of fiber and other healthy nutrients! Try this recipe next time you’re looking for something easy to make and eat!