Anchored At Peak Performance Fitness Facility Ep. 002


Anchored At Peak Performance Fitness Facility Ep. 002

It doesn’t matter whether you are brand new to health and wellness or if you’re an experience veteran, if you’re mind isn’t in it then you are going to have poor results. It doesn’t matter if you have the best training plan or best meal plan, if you aren’t committed or you have a negative attitude towards your plan you won’t succeed.

Because of that, we thought it only natural to start with mindset. Your mindset is the variable that you have THE MOST control over, and once you get it working for you the other pieces fall into place.

In Episode 2, Jason Dave and Corian talk about fixed vs growth mindsets, changing from an “I Have To” mindset to “I Get To” mindset, and discuss the biggest obstacles facing experienced CrossFitters and their continued improvement (hint: it’s their mindset).

Tune in now to see where you’re mindset is and if it needs any work!