Anchored Ep. 96: Self Care & Grounding Yourself

Anchored at Peak Performance Fitness Facility Podcast

Anchored Ep. 96: Self Care & Grounding Yourself

In this week’s episode, we chat about the importance of self care and becoming more grounded. Now, more than ever, it is important that we all find our own ways to come back down from the constant stress that surrounds us.

There is a lot going on in the world and in each person’s life. It’s okay to admit that you need a break from it all. Take the necessary time to disconnect and recharge your batteries. But, like most things, you need to know what works for you. Do you become reenergized by a hike in nature? Reading a book? Dancing to music? There is no “right answer” when it comes to self-care.

If you are able to dedicate the time to self care – at least 30 minutes a day – you will find that you are able to show up more frequently and stronger than you were before. One of the key steps to providing self care for yourself is to turn off your phone and disconnect from the world for a minute. There is so much information coming at us from all angles, it is ever so important to step away from all the noise and give yourself a break.

If you need help finding what works for you or how to fit it, set up a goals session! We are happy to help you!!