Anchored at HPCF Ep 003: Basic Nutrition Progression


Anchored at HPCF Ep 003: Basic Nutrition Progression

Week 3 is our intro to nutrition! With all three of us having way too much to say about nutrition it was definitely a challenge to stay on track and discuss our intended topics, so naturally we have some fun and hopefully comical tangents to go with the meat and potatoes (see what I did there?) of thd episode.

Episode 3 begins by discussing each of our past history with nutrition – from not caring at all to understanding the importance of proper nutrition and then how we got to the point we’re at today. From there we breakdown what we call the General Nutrition Progression (GNP), which is as follows:

  1. See food eat food
  2. Clean eating
  3. Basic measuring / tracking
  4. Restrictive dieting (paleo, keto, etc)
  5. Advanced (zone, macros, etc)

We break down each level of the progression, discuss the obvious and sometimes not so obvious pros and cons of each level, and explain each of our favorites and what we think is the best level for most people.

If you are new to nutrition or maybe just lost from all the conflicting info on the internet, be sure to listen and you’ll be sure to figure out where you want to be after this episode!