April 2018 Newsletter


April 2018 Newsletter

Welcome aboard crew members! This is the official ‘Crew News’ which is your source for everything awesome going around HPCF. So, Jump aboard as we are about to set sail and you won’t want to be left at the dock!

April 2018

In This Newsletter

  • Section 1 – The Compass – A quick look Back
  • Section 2 – From the Bow of the Ship – What’s coming
  • Section 3 – The Steerage – Featured athlete of the Month
  • Section 4 – Captain’s Log – Anchored Podcast
  • Section 5 – New Recruits – New members to the gym
  • Section 6 – From The Passenger Deck- Social Comment of the month
  • Section 7 – Rules & Reminders – Kids in the Gym Policy
  • Section 8 – HPCF Community Garden Project
  • Section 9 – Ship Upgrades – Racine expansion
  • Section 10 – NEW HPCF Online Apparel store
  • Section 11 – Movement tips & Tricks – Kipping & Butterfly Pull-ups
  • Section 12 – From The Galley In The Kitchen With Dave Ceviche & Recipe

– The Compass –


March is a wrap, and with that, so is the 2018 CrossFit Games Open Season! We are beyond amazed at how many HPCF athletes jumped on board and participated this year. We officially had 77 registered athletes! It was an amazing experience which demonstrated how resilient each and every person is.

It was amazing to watch you all compete and push past your own comfort zones. It was also amazing to see some of you make the CrossFit Games news feed, as well as others hitting their first pull-up or handstand push up! This is what the Open is all about, it’s about pushing yourself to see what you can do.

The end of the CrossFit Open is always a bittersweet moment. Many of us have been training all year for this. Each week tested us mentally and physically. Remember to focus on the positives and then proceed with your training to focus on the areas that you felt most troubled with the most. If you don’t know how to approach those troubled areas, or which areas to focus on first, remember to set up your FREE goals session with Coach Jason, Coach Dave or Coach Corian using the Mindbody App.

Our inaugural CrossFit Open team challenge was a fun experience. AMRAPPERS stole the show with their unique costume ideas as well as hammering each and every week’s challenge! AMRAPPERS now gets to hold rights to the HPCF trophy until next year.

Maria Steffen was our individual points winner for the challenge and won the WODbom box of goodies!

Now, bring on April, we have a full slate of things going on, so… all aboard! We are about to set sail…

Anchors Away! Events To Mark Your Calendars!

  • April 7th Nautical Mile In House Team competition – starts at 8am
  • April 14th begins our new gym hours! Saturdays will now be 8am WOD, 9am WOD, 10am WOD and Open gym from 11am-Noon at both locations
  • April 15th, 90 minute Injury & Body maintenance clinic with Dr. Sontino Bedogne
  • April 21st – Casino Night at the gym
  • May 3rd – Our next Nutrition challenge
  • May 12th – Mother’s Day WOD
  • May 12th – Milwaukee Night out / Brewery Tour

– From the Bow of the Ship –

Registration is now closed for the in house Team Competition, The Nautical Mile 2 which is scheduled for April 7th. We have 30 total teams registered to compete! If you’re not competing, come out and cheer us all on! The first heat will start at 8:30am.

Remember, our new Summer hours start April 14th. Saturday hours will now have an 8am WOD, 9am WOD & 10am WOD, and then open gym from 11am-noon at both locations.

Registration to our next FREE in house seminar featuring Dr. Sontino Bedogne is now open. This seminar is open to the first 45 people. This will be more of an interactive seminar in which Dr. Sontino will discuss important topics about maintaining your body for long term health and wellness. RSVP on the FB event page.

We will be having game night at the gym on April 21st, where we will be playing games and just hanging out having a good time together. Maybe a poker tournament???

Keep your eyes peeled for more information soon to come regarding our next Nutrition Challenge. This one will be a lot of fun and we have some really good ideas for this one including online leader boards!

April’s Movement challenge is a 400m run (up to 2x/daily) to earn 1 ticket per 400m ran. The goal is to focus on technique and breathing not speed. So, get your runs in and remember to fill out your raffle tickets for a chance to win the WODBom box next month!

– The Steerage –


March 2018 MOM Mike London

This dude right here, earned our member spotlight for March 2018. No one can deny that Mike London has put in the work this past year losing over 40lbs of unwanted weight and working on his mindset in each and every workout. He even had a few PRs of his own to cheer about in 18.1!!

– Captain’s Log –


Anchored at Peak Performance Fitness Facility is back! AHPCF-first debuted back in December of 2016 with the goal of interviewing different members to see what was producing results for them. After a few months, the team got busy and unfortunately Anchored fell by the wayside.

We are excited to announce that Anchored at Peak Performance Fitness Facility is back in a brand new fashion – podcast style! In Episode one, Jason, Dave and Corian re-introduce the show and explain what motivated them to bring it back.

The intention of the show will now be focused on improving our member’s health and wellness OUTSIDE of the gym. Our typical members spend 1-2 hours at the gym in a given day, which makes up about 4-8% of your day. That leaves A WHOLE LOT of day to mess up the hard work you’re putting in when you’re actually at the gym.

The intention of AHPCF will now be to give our members helpful tips, tools, strategies, knowledge and discussion to help improve their health and wellness outside of the gym. The three primary segments we’ll focus on are mindset, nutrition and recovery as these are the three things that will push the needle the most in your journey. AHPCF already has 4 episodes released and we’ve had numerous comments from members saying how great the show has been so far!

With that, we couldn’t be more excited to see where this adventure takes us! Thanks for listening guys and gals!!

– New Recruits –


High fives to these awesome peeps who joined us last month! You may have seen them around the decks putting in their work as they work to become new recruits! If you see them around, give them a warm HPCF welcome and a High Five!

From top left, moving clockwise: 1) Max Bruff, Ann Wilson, Craig Grove, Mike Mickelsen & Sam Leonardelli; 2) Edgar Rodriguez, Ashley Crucianelli, Angelica Puente, Sam Girard; 3) Kristy Minatto, Steve Swanson, Jody Clark, Rita Haugh, Mike Preston, Kim Preston, Jerry Jacinto; 4) Shayne Gayle!

Welcome to the FitFam & the Fun!

– From The Passenger Deck –

Social Comment of the Month

This is always a difficult choice… But after we read this post from Marina Awes we felt that we just had to share her accomplishments with you all. Losing 50lbs is an amazing accomplishment Marina and we are very proud of you. Plus, you are doing this for YOU and not letting the nay-sayers influence your decisions! Keep up all the hard work, you’re an inspiration to everyone!


– Rules & Reminders –

Every once and a while, we need to revisit some rules and reminders. Due to the fact that we are approaching the warmer months, we felt the need to remind everyone about our “Kids in the Gym Policy”. Please read it, follow it and if you have questions please see an owner.

We do understand that babysitters aren’t always an option for many of you, and we also understand that you sometimes have to bring your little sailors along with you. All we ask is that you adhere to these rules when you bring your kids along. We do expect that you will respect our policy and also ensure that your children adhere to these rules as well… Likewise, if your children decide not to follow the rules, please help us in enforcing the rules. We don’t like to be the bad guys, and we don’t want to parent your children.


Updated 4/1/18


As you know, we take safety pretty seriously around here. Safety of our athletes and guests is paramount. It is because of these reasons we have adopted the following policy with kids in the facility…Kids in the Gym Policy –The following rules will be enforced AT ALL TIMES:

Kenosha – Children must remain on the carpeted area in the back (we will be glad to turn on a Netflix show for the child, just ask a coach!) or behind the silver painted line by the athlete lounge/ front bench area at ALL times while in the facility.

Racine – Children must remain on the carpeted area next to the front desk or back on the wood floor by the bathrooms.

Children cannot be playing on equipment or outside of these designated areas when in the facilities at any time. Likewise, children are not allowed to be climbing on the stacked boxes or other equipment in these areas at any time. We do this for safety reasons; safety of your child and safety of all athletes….Please understand that it is not fair to our members to have to worry about an unsupervised child while they should be 100% focused on proper technique and intensity during a workout. For this reason we will not be allowing children in the main workout areas at any time. If a child needs to walk outside of these designated areas for any reason, they must be escorted by a parent or guardian.

Remember, it is not fair to the Coach(s) who should be focused on the athletes and teaching a class instead of ensuring a child doesn’t get injured. Violations of this policy may result in the child being restricted from our facilities. We also expect that you will discipline your child accordingly for violating these rules, you are the parent, we are not… Furthermore, if your child injures himself/herself while in the facility you assume all liability and understand that Peak Performance Fitness Facility is NOT liable.

The ONLY exception to this policy will be the CrossFit Youth program which is a designated class for children.


We thank you all for your continued support and adherence of these policies. We want to make an enjoyable experience for everyone!

HPCF Staff

– HPCF Community Garden Project –

ATTENTION all of our green thumbs out there! Who will be interested in helping us start our little own HPCF community garden? We just need to know who will be willing to help us out to get this started as planting season around the corner. Here’s what we need:

  • Seed starters – We need someone to start some seeds and keep them indoors until ready to plant outside
  • Raised beds – We will need some help constructing and obtaining materials for raised beds
  • Soil – We will need fresh soil
  • Helpers/Gardeners!
  • Help throughout the year taking care of the garden!
  • Or, Donations of any kind!

If you’re interested in helping, learning more, or want to donate items for the garden project let us know! We feel this is an excellent opportunity to grow our own nutritious food for the summer months!


– Ship Upgrades –

Racine Expansion Updates


Last month, we announced that we were searching for a larger facility for Racine. This month, we are happy to announce that the new location has been found! – A 7,000 Sq/Ft facility that will have a dedicated massage and recovery room, as well as showers! We wont give away too many more details, just yet… but we wanted to share some photos, as well as a floor plan with you all to get the juices flowing and to get you all a little more excited! Keep your eyes peeled, as we will continue to release more and more info as we get closer!

– NEW HPCF Apparel Team Store –


We are excited to announce that we have a new online apparel store! Have you missed out on our previous apparel pre-orders and wish you hadn’t? The new online apparel store solves this! Now, you can get all the cool gear when you want it all of the time! Want sweat pants? No problem! Want booty shorts? No problem! Want a sweatshirt? No problem, we have you covered! Plus, the new online store allows you to customize any of the gear! Want to check out the new store? Use the link below… Or, find the link to the store on our website.

– Movement Tip –

Kipping & Butterfly Pull-ups


Coach Dave dedicated an entire 9 weeks to breaking down the entire Pull-Up progression tree. He spoke about each progression and why each one is so important to the next. In this video, Coach Dustin helps demonstrate kipping and butterfly pull-ups.

In this video we discuss: Set-up and hand positions. Remaining tight in the core and keeping your feet together. Squeezing your quads in the movement will also help keep you in better positions.

Watch the Video

– From The Galley –

Shrimp & Tuna Ceviche

Brought to you by “In The Kitchen With Coach Dave”


This recipe is truly yummy! It can be enjoyed as a snack or a full meal! It is packed with healthy proteins and the avocados give you healthy fats. The best part, no cooking required!