Barbells For Boobs At Peak Performance Fitness Facility


Barbells For Boobs At Peak Performance Fitness Facility

October is breast cancer awareness month. Each year, HPCF joins the Barbells For Boobs team (BB4Bs) in which we help raise money for this awesome cause.

What is BB4Bs?

“Barbells for Boobs is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides education on the significant benefits of fitness and support to access responsible and safe fitness instruction for those directly impacted by breast cancer. Engaging in consistent physical activity has been proven an effective intervention to:

  • reduce breast cancer risk
  • reduce the prevalence and severity of adverse effects during breast cancer treatment 
  • Reduce post-treatment relative risks of recurrence, breast cancer mortality and all cause mortality

Many individuals who are at risk for or diagnosed with breast cancer and their care teams do not include fitness as an integral part of their overall care plan and do not have access to responsible and actionable information to help adopt a healthy lifestyle. We believe that a proactive approach to managing breast cancer needs to be widely embraced and bring this mission to life.”

At Peak Performance Fitness Facility, we generally host an event each year to help raise money for the boobs! This year, the CrossFit Open puts a small wrench in the plans, but that’s ok, we figured a way around it! We will still be raising money for this cause the entire month of October. Join our BB4Bs team here:

For Week 1 of the CrossFit Open, which starts on October 11th, we will be wearing our best pink swag! We will also be raffling off a pink barbell for the month of October to raise money. The winner will take home their very own Pink Rogue Barbell!

We will have a limited number of barbell tickets (50) only. Each ticket will be $20, and you may purchase as many tickets as you wish (unless tickets are sold out)

The gym which raises the most money for this cause in the month of October will host week 5 of the CF Open!