Begin With The End In Mind


Begin With The End In Mind

Begin with the end in mind


I have been reading, well listening to a very good audio book recently – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

I try to model my life off of people who have been successful and this has worked for me. A business coach once told me, “In order to be successful, surround yourself with like-minded successful people and avoid those that aren’t.” We should also be reading and learning new things every day. This is where my Podcasts and audio books come in!

As I listen to Habit #2: “Begin with the end in mind” I begin to wonder, does everyone do this? How can I translate this important habit into fitness???

You see, in business they teach you to have a vision and to focus on that vision every day. You focus on the 5% that will get you 1 step closer to your goals every single day. You don’t worry about the negatives that surround us everywhere…. The ‘fake News’, negative people, Facebook… Doing so, will not propel us to where we want to be or bring us anywhere closer to our goal… In fact, the opposite can occur!

Let’s pause for a second and look at successful pro baseball, football or basketball players…. How did Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs, Arron Rodgers of the Greenbay Packers or Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls get to be so good? Were they just born with great talent? Yes, and no. You see, they all have something in common. “Laser Focus” – It may seem like they were born with such immense talent and everything just comes natural to them, but in reality, they all have their eye on the prize. They believed who they want(ed) to be and allowed nothing else to get in their way. They focused on their 5% and did not allow outside influences to distract them. Always working on their craft… If Michael Jordan listened to the “Ney-Sayers” would he have won 6 championships?

I read another book, “The Power of Habit” which talks about teams that go from having the worst record one year to a complete turn around and becoming a Championship team the next. How does this happen? When we break this down and dissect how teams do this, we learn that it comes down to their vision and belief system. The organization only focused on their goal (a championship), believed that it could be a reality and then made it happen by only focusing on the goal.

So, let’s circle back around to the 2nd Habit: “Begin with The End In Mind” – With every example that we’ve just discussed there is a common denominator. Focus and belief. If we begin and live our life with the end in mind then nothing can stop you. The only thing that can stop you, is YOU. Be in control of your own destiny. Focus daily on what is important to you and then focus on that 5% that will help you achieve this goal. If you want to lose 30lbs, then what do you need to do? First, believe that it is possible and then make it happen! Will watching reality TV and hanging out at the bars help you achieve this? Stephen Covey writes…. “If you don’t make a conscious effort to visualize who you are and what you want in life, then you empower other people and circumstances to shape you and your life by default….”

Look at some of the most successful businesses, or billionaires in the world. How did they become so successful? …The same habit – They began with the end in mind and focused only on this goal and what could bring them closer to their goal. Could you imagine if Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) would have listened to the critics or lost focus of his goal?!

The world is filled with distractions that will try to steer you away from your goal. There will be people who doubt you and tell you that you aren’t “good enough”. I am here to tell you, focus daily on what you want, then go out there and make it happen. If you begin every day with your goal in mind, you will achieve it!

You need to be an Eagle…. Have you ever seen an eagle fly? These amazing birds are the symbol of freedom and are a powerful, imposing creature. When you see an eagle fly, you’ll notice one thing…They always fly alone.

In fact, eagles have no known predators…except for crows who sometimes will gang up on the eagle and try to nip it in the air. But the eagle is smart and his natural defense is simple. Instead of dealing with those crows or letting them bring him down…. he rises up higher in the air. He goes higher and higher. He gets so high that eventually the crows just stop bothering him because well…they can’t fly that high. Now you might be thinking… what does that eagle have to do with me? YOU are that eagle.

  • Coach Dave Yandel