How To Be Happy


How To Be Happy

I’m writing this blog because I want to help others. The world can sometimes be an unforgiving place, but it can also be a pretty magical one too. I want to help everyone find the magic that makes us feel alive!

I see so many people on a daily basis that seem truly unhappy. Some people are better at hiding it than others, but I know something is wrong in your life if you’re THAT upset to be screaming at the self-checkout machine at Wal-Mart.

We can’t control what happens to us in life, but we can control how we react to it and how it affects us. Nowadays, society is constantly teaching us to be unhappy with ourselves and our lives. All you ever see on Facebook or Instagram are these “perfect” people with “perfect” lives and it makes you wish you were that way, had that, did that, went to that place, etc. No one ever posts about the messy stuff. We’re constantly comparing ourselves to others and told that if we are unsatisfied, we’ll be happier if we buy this “thing”, or take this pill.

I’m here to talk about that messy stuff and challenge you to be truly honest with yourself, who you are, and what you want out of your life. I want this blog to help promote self-love and positivity. We focus so much of feeding our bodies, but sometimes we forget to feed our minds and souls, too.

Next week I want to dive a little deeper and share more of my personal story. Stay tuned! I’m always open to questions or comments, so please feel free to reach out! Have a beautiful day everyone!