Hello September!

This week we discuss some of the issues facing our members; being grateful for what we have or are presented with AND breaking the negative habit loops that prevent us from doing what we know is right, or what we want to be doing.


Corian & Rachel took a little time off to process their thoughts and feelings about all that is going on in life right now. But they are back and they are ready to talk about some hot topics in the world today and how they see the situation. From the Black Lives Matter movement to the latest CrossFit news, Corian & Rachel talk about how to learn and grow in today's world.

Anchored At Peak Performance Fitness Facility, Ep. 94: Rhabdo, Murph & Returning To The Gym

Since we've opened, Murph on Memorial Day has been our staple. We've enjoyed getting our entire gym together to perform this workout. We've seen up to 85 people at one time working out together to perform it. The scene of many athletes running and hanging from the rig has been amazing, and always sent chills down our spine. But due to the pandemic and people not workout out to the same level as normal, we have decided to postpone Murph this year. This is an effort to reduce injury and rhabdo.
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