Peak Performance Podcast

Member Interviews

For this week's Peak Performance Podcast, we had the opportunity to sit down with several members to discuss how Peak Performance has impacted them and what they are going to achieve in the future.

The Final Push To the End of the Year!

It seems like just yesterday when we began to plan our first quarter of 2020. We had big plans and a lot of things to look forward to. Then 2020 set in and everything went off the deep end, so to speak. Needless to say, nothing went according to our plan and most of the year we just took it day by day. But now with the holidays fast approaching, we have some pretty big ideas, and fun plans we hope to be able to enjoy as we finish off and say "goodbye" to 2020!

Hello September!

This week we discuss some of the issues facing our members; being grateful for what we have or are presented with AND breaking the negative habit loops that prevent us from doing what we know is right, or what we want to be doing.