Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pre-cautions.


Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pre-cautions.

By now, you’ve most likely heard about the “Corona Virus (COVID-19)” and if not, then you’re living under a rock!

The news about this virus is everywhere. While we believe that the news on the virus is being blown a bit out of proportion, we still cannot ever be too cautious… And as a gym, we want to make sure we are taking as many pre-cautions as we can before it becomes a bigger issue!

Regardless of your stance on the Corona Virus news, we have to admit that no one wants to come down with any cold or flu… and, in the gym, we sweat and excrete bodily fluids onto equipment.

What does this mean? We wanted to share some things that we are doing as a gym to take some extra steps to ensure that we aren’t spreading germs to each other and asking for your help in return!


Maybe you’ve seen, or maybe you haven’t, but we are having our cleaning crew wipe down and disinfect many touch points: doors, handles etc. We had them clean all pull up bars and even the PVC pipes and other equipment on a more regular basis. You will probably hear our reminders after class is over “Let’s clean the seats, handles, Wall balls, DBs, KBs, Barbelss… etc” This isn’t just for effect. Please clean it.


We need your help! Please help us keep things clean and sanitary. The rule is, and always has been: “Spray all equipment and wipe them down after every use.” This long standing rule has always been in place, and now more than ever (and going forward) let’s make sure that if you sweat on in it, if you touch it or use it, that you use the blue cleaners and wipe the piece of equipment down regardless. Flu season or not, no one really wants to touch your sweat, or other nastiness. Be kind and courteous to your fellow gym members.

Here are some other things you can do to help the spread of germs and just be healthy in general:

  • Wash your hands regularly (and after you use the bathroom)
  • Wash your hands before & after a workout
  • Disinfect your equipment after every WOD and use
  • Disinfect sweat and other bodily fluids after every workout (yes, even the sweat angels you leave on the floor)
  • If you sneeze, or cough, do so into the sleeve of you shirt, not your hand!

Thank you all for your support and your help in this matter. If you have any questions, please speak to anyone on the staff. We thank you for your help and participation in keeping the gym a safe and germ free environment!