‘Crew News’ December 2018 Newsletter


‘Crew News’ December 2018 Newsletter

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Welcome aboard crew members! This is the official ‘Crew News’ which is your source for everything awesome going around HPCF. So, Jump aboard as we are about to set sail and you won’t want to be left at the dock!


December 2018 Holiday Edition

In This Newsletter

  • Section 1 – The Compass – A quick look Back
  • Section 2 – The Steerage – Featured Athlete of the Month
  • Section 3 – A look through the telescope –Upcoming events
  • Section 4 – From the Bow of the Ship – Events for the month
  • Section 5 – Book Club – Mozart’s Starling
  • Section 6 – Captain’s Log – Ep. 36: Interview and Q&A with Carl Paoli
  • Section 7 – From The Passenger Deck- Social Comment of the month
  • Section 8 – Swashbuckler Award – Shocking Member Transformations
  • Section 9 – Apparel Item of the month – Sweatpants & Sweatshirts
  • Section 10 – CrossFit Kids – Now enrolling for January 2019!
  • Section 11 – Shop Local, Buy Local – Get yourself added to the HPCF Entrepreneur list
  • Section 12 – WOD Science – Ep 15. Anterior Shoulder Pain & clicks
  • Section 13 – From The Galley – In The Kitchen With Dave ‘Jambalaya’
  • Section 14 – Schedule your Goals Session
  • Section 15 – Want to host your child’s next Party at the Gym? Contact us today!

– The Compass –


Another month has come and gone! Now, we enter the official last month of 2018… But, before we get too far into it, let’s take a look back to what took place in November!

During the month of October/November, several members and non-members participated in the OWN-Health Coaching sponsored “Frightfully Fit Nutrition Challenge” which was a 4-week intensive nutrition challenge where each member was paired up with a nutrition coach for the entire 4-weeks to teach them about healthy eating, macros or palm sized portion control. Maren McNeil was the challenge winner and took home over $350 in prize money! … Not to mention a ton of knowledge!

Kenosha & Racine celebrated ‘Friendsgiving’ – Tasty food, good friends and fun games! Thanks to everyone who participated. We hope to see you all next year!

We had a few teams head up to CrossFit Waukesha and competed in the ‘Girls Gone RX’ team competition. What’s the next competition everyone is doing? Remember to mark the “What are you up to” boards so everyone knows who’s doing what!

Carl Paoli came in to teach a muscle up and mindset seminar. Afterwards, Carl stayed behind and was a guest on the Anchored Podcast – See below for show information!

Then there was Thanksgiving! We had an awesome turn out for the Thanksgiving day WODs before everyone headed home to be with family… We also had several members run the Mayor’s Turkey Day Trot!

Our November challenge was ‘Deck of Cards’ and the winning ticket was drawn from all the tickets submitted. This month, Lea Romero is our winner of the random drawing. Lea now gets some cool new CrossFit gear from FitAID!

– The Steerage –

November 2018 Member of the Month Spotlight


Our November Member of the Month Spotlight goes to Amanda Vincent!

Each month we like to recognize 1 member of either gym who stands out among the rest of the crowd. Each of the members we choose to highlight hold true to Peak Performance’s Core Values, which are: “Happy. Healthy. Community.”

Each one of these values stands for the following:

Healthy: Healthy stands for what we do in the gym. We improve people’s health & wellness and we increase their longevity.

Happy: Happy stands for how we conduct our business. We promote a positive and empowering environment for our members and staff to thrive in.

Community: Community is what we do it for. We are cultivating a community of people dedicated to improving their health and wellness and a community where everyone feels welcome and has a sense of belonging.

– A look through the telescope –

Upcoming Events To Mark Your Calendars

(Click the links below for more info)


– From the Bow of the Ship –



Kenosha Ugly Sweater WOD & White Elephant Christmas Party (12/8/18 9a-2pm):

Kenosha will kick off the festivities this month with the ‘Ugly Sweater WOD’ which will commence at 9am on Saturday, December 8th, 2018. Immediately after the WOD, we invite everyone to hang out for the white elephant gift exchange! Bring a gift to pass under $30!

Racine Ugly Sweater WOD & White Elephant Christmas Party (12/15/18 9am-2pm):

Next up, Racine’s turn with the ‘Ugly Sweater WOD’ which will commence at 9am on Saturday, December 15th, 2018. Immediately after the WOD, we invite everyone to hang out for the white elephant gift exchange! Bring a gift to pass under $30!

December’s challenge is…

We are moving away from the movement type challenges this month. Instead, we are giving back to the community by partnering with the Racine Salvation Army, and the Kenosha Boys and Girls Club to adopt several kids who may not otherwise be able to celebrate Christmas this year. Take a ticket off the tree, purchase the gift for the child, and return the gift unopened and wrapped with the ticket attached to the package. Then, place the package under the tree. Each gift is worth 1 raffle entry to win some cool new FitAID gear!


– HPCF Book Club –

Do you enjoy reading? Have you considered joining the HPCF Book Club? Nicole Scanlon took it upon herself to form a book club, which meets 1x/month to discuss 1 book the entire group has read!

Come join the group as it’s just a fun social event that anyone can partake in.

The next book:
Mozart’s Starling

Next Meeting:
Thursday, January 24th @6:30pm Racine

Contact Nicole Scanlon for more info


– Captain’s Log –

Episode 36: Interview and Q&A with Carl Paoli


For episode 36 we are extremely excited to share our conversation with special guest Carl Paoli. We had the opportunity to host Carl for two of his seminars earlier in November, and he graciously sat down with us to chat.

A little background on Carl: He grew up with ambitions of being an olympic gymnast, spending years of his life dedicated to being the best gymnast he could be. After his gymnastics career was finished, he found CrossFit and realized he had a lot to offer the CrossFit community. He’s spent most of the past decade teaching movement to all levels of athletes.

Our discussion with him on this particular day was Q&A format – we asked him little things about him and we asked him some bigger and more deep questions. There is no particular trend or theme of the questions, just whatever questions came to mind we asked. We hope you enjoy!

– From The Passenger Deck –

Social Comments of the Month


This month, we are recognizes 3 posts that caught our eye. The first comes from Maggie Picazo – Many of you probably already know Maggie’s story, but the fact that her story has inspired a follower, and new friend, is something that we love to see!

Niki Benzow shared her post from the Turkey Day trot which was completed with several other Peak Performance Members. We love seeing photos of what others are doing outside the gyms, so keep them coming!

Our final recognition goes to James O’Hagan, who shared his recent honor; being recognized as the Kenosha Mammoth’s Most Valuable Forward for 2018. He attributes this success to his CrossFit training! We are glad to see that everything is paying off!

Do you want your post be featured here? Share your story on your social media and tag us! We will try to find 1 post every month that we feel inspires & motivates others!

– November’s Swashbuckler Award –


Check out these awesome results! Our man Tim started less than 2-months ago… He wanted to regain his health and stop living a life where he was sore, hurting and out of breathe. Tim joined the Frightfully Fit Nutrition challenge and learned a lot about his nutrition habits. We got Tim eating real food, and working on palm sized portions. Tim admits he has a long way to go, but his future goals are to run in the spring and form a bike riding crew to go bike riding on Sundays! As you can see, the photos in the top of the photo collage are when Tim first started. The bottom ones are his most recent in which he is already down 20lbs! Great job Tim! Tim even did an interview with Coach Dave, which you can watch below.

– Apparel Item Spotlight –


– CrossFit Kids Coming January 15, 2019 –


We are excited to announce that we will officially be starting up a CrossFit Kids program in early January 2019! The details of the program are still being ironed out and there is a bit more items we need to accomplish to get the program started, but we will be releasing more details very soon!

We anticipate this program to be a hit when it is released, as we have been receiving requests from outside of HPCF as well as other HPCF members for this exciting new program! Because of this, we anticipate the program to sell out once it is released! So, we are taking early reservations to claim your spot first! To reserve your spot in the program for your kids, click the link below! We will notify you as more details are released!

Starting January 15, 2019!

UPDATE: Spots have already begun to fill up! We are only accepting 20 kids for the first session, so ensure you’re the first to know and to reserve your spot by getting on the list!

Reserve your spot in the Kids Program

– Shop Local, Buy Local –

With all the members at HPCF, we find that when it comes to projects, or needing services, inevitably there is a member for the job! Coach Corian is putting together a list of HPCF Entrepreneurs for easy access for everyone at the gym. This way, we know who is doing the job and it helps out other HPCF members in the process!

Want to be added to the list for services? Fill out the form!

– WOD Science With Coach Dave & Dr. Eddie –


WOD Science with Dr. Eddie and Coach Dave Ep 15 – Anterior Shoulder Pain.

Do you have shoulder pain or clicking? Or is it in your elbow? If so, check the shoulder! Coach Dave & Coach Eddie give you some drills you can do to fix these nagging injuries and get you back to full health.

Watch the Video

– From The Galley –

New Orleans Inspired Healthy Jambalaya

Brought to you by “In The Kitchen With Coach Dave”


Enjoy Jambalaya? Well, Coach Dave found a healthier recipe you can incorporate into your meal plans! It’s tasty and delicious!

Remember to Schedule Your Goal Session


Remember, Goals sessions are FREE! Why do them? Sometimes we all get into a rut, or, we just don’t know where to focus our energy next. Sitting down with a Coach to go over some of your goals and what is important to you, we can help guide you in the right direction. These goals sessions are always FREE, will always be FREE and we encourage you to sit down with us because we love to help guide you in this journey! 🙂

Book Your Goals Session Here

Peak Performance wants to host your child’s next birthday party! Packages include Coach lead games for the kids to play, some skills workshops, such as: Learning how to use the rings, climbing the ropes and gymnastics tumbling. We will also have some arts & craft time! If you’re interested in hosting your child’s party at the gym, fill out the form below!

Host Your Child’s Birthday at the gym


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