CrossFit Open 19.1 – Thursday Throwdown and FNL details inside!


CrossFit Open 19.1 – Thursday Throwdown and FNL details inside!

Week 1 of the CrossFit Open kicks off this week on Thursday, 2/21/19! 

We started this party a little early by offering a little in house challenge; The gym with the MOST intramural open sign ups got to host Week 1, 3 & 5 while the other gym gets weeks 2 & 4.
The winning gym, with 37 intramural sign ups was KENOSHA! Racine put up a good fight, as they recruited 35 people! The gyms were actually tied at 9am on the last day, BUT with a few last second drop outs the Kenosha gym pulled ahead!

So, without further ado, here are the details on WEEK 1; 19.1 of the CrossFit Open! 

Throwdown: Thursday 2/21 in Kenosha at 7:30p followed by Me (Coach Dave), Coach Corian and Coach Jason going head to head – You voted for it! 
Theme for FNL: Superheros and Villains – Dress up in your favorite costume! Remember, the best team spirit award will be voted on by the FB group. Winning team earns 3 extra points for your team in the Intramural scoring!

This week’s Intramural team Challenge:

Perform a group handstand or mannequin challenge in public with as many members of your team as you can (No minimum or maximum required – each person who participates earns 1 point)


Post the photo/video to YOUR social page (you may also post in the HPCF private group page, but this must be a public post for credit)
tagging @HarborParkCrossFit 
Use hashtags in your post: #Healthy #Happy #Community #CrossFitopen2019 #HPCFTeamchallenge2019