Ep. 004 – Why Mobility Is So Important For Your Training


Ep. 004 – Why Mobility Is So Important For Your Training

Episode 4 is here and we are discussing Mobility, specifically why it is so important to your training. If you aren’t very familiar with mobility and what it is, this episode breaks it down for you.

Mobility has 2 main focuses – the first is recovery and the second is to develop healthy range of motion. In this episode we discuss each focus, why each are so important, and what happens when you neglect mobility (hint, overtraining & injuries).

Recovery is so important because it allows your body to return to homeostasis quicker, which means you can train again sooner. If you’ve ever wondered why the pros can train all day long with wearing out, its because they place as much emphasis on recovery as they do training. It’s important peeps!

Developing healthy range of motion is also vitally important, especially for new people. Most people come into CrossFit with the ambition of a 20 year old, but the bodies of a 50 year old. If you’ve spent that last 5+ years of your life sitting behind a desk, chances are that your muscles will be too tight to get in some of the positions that CrossFit movements require (squats, overhead pressing, etc). Mobility will help you regain those lost range of motions so that you don’t injure yourself trying to force them.