Ep. 011 – Getting out of Your Comfort Zone


Ep. 011 – Getting out of Your Comfort Zone

Throughout the vast majority of human civilization, our comfort zones were important to make sure we were maximizing our probability of survival – Cavemen went into holes in the mountains to protect themselves. Tribes gathered together into communities to protect one another and to provide for each other.  Back in these times, if you were outside of your comfort zone it meant your life was in a greater chance of risk.

Life today is much different. We don’t need to protect ourselves by hiding in caves and we don’t need to rely on supervision from our tribe to keep us safe. These basic needs are met and even vastly surpassed with the lifestyles we are fortunate enough to have.

So what’s the point? Today we need to oppose our comfort zone. When our subconscious tells us we need to go home where it is safe and not to explore new things because it could be dangerous, we need to realize that those same subconscious thoughts don’t apply anymore. We need to get used to opposing our fears, its where we learn, develop and experience everything life has to offer.

In episode 11 we explore the importance of getting out of our comfort zone and how we can push ourselves to be better athletes, workers, people, etc by getting uncomfortable. Tune in now to listen!