Member Interviews

Peak Performance Podcast

Member Interviews

2020 and definitely thrown us all for a loop. But thank goodness, we have been back at it for a little while now and are incredibly proud of our members/athletes that have weathered the storm with us. Through these crazy times, we have seen them crushing at-home workouts, staying dedicated to their goals, and absolutely getting after it when they were able to get back to the gym.

To say that we are proud and humbled would be a gross understatement.

For this week’s Peak Performance Podcast, we had the opportunity to sit down with several members to discuss how Peak Performance has impacted them and what they are going to achieve in the future.

We also asked them what advice they would give to someone who is considering joining Peak Performance or someone who recently has. Here is what they had to say:

  • Set up a Goals Session so you know where you are starting and can create manageable milestones to work towards. And be patient; results aren’t immediate, but they will come.
  • Find someone who is will take the journey with you or someone who is slightly ahead of you that you can go to for advice.
  • Just come try it out – be open to try new things.
  • Give yourself time for recovery and mobility.
  • Don’t be afraid – you’ll feel good once you get in to it.
  • Try it out! It’s fun and you’ll find that you’re always improving.

As we have said, our members are everything. We certainly wouldn’t be the gym that we are without them. Thank you!!