February 2018 Member of the Month Spotlight


February 2018 Member of the Month Spotlight

Congratulations to our Member of the Month for February 2018; Briana Silvani!

If you’ve ever met Briana, then you would undoubtedly agree with this choice. Her fun, loving, outgoing personality, and her relentlessness pursuit  is what make her stand out to our coaches.

Some recent accomplishments included Briana stepping out of her comfort zone and competing in her fist ever CrossFit competition with Coach Dave in the summer of 2017. Briana did a great job during the competition and never gave up even when it was really tough. Coach Dave later said that Briana was a great teammate and even pushed him to be better! “Briana is a fighter. She is a great teammate and I am proud to have paired with her… Look out for her in the next one!” Dave said. 

Briana is also on of our newest members to join the Peak Performance Fitness Facility Ambassador crew!

One of the things that really stuck out to us about Briana this month, was her unfortunate accident in which she fell and landed on her hand. This landing caused her to fracture bones and even required surgery to the wrist where a titanium plate was installed…Now, where most of us may have curled up into a ball and cried our eyes out focusing on the negative… Briana was back at the gym the very next day and has only missed 2 WODs since the injury occurred.

Briana refused to focus on the negative and refused to let the injury take her off her path. Not because of the injury, but how Briana chose to handle it, is what our Coaches recognized this month.

Briana’s positive attitude towards whatever life throws at her is an inspiration to everyone in the facilities! Great Job Briana, you have been rocking it out the past year and we are so proud of you! You are certainly on your way to your ultimate goal – “Fit by 40” …And will you be my partner for the next competition???

Here’s some interesting factoids about Briana you may not have known:

NAME:    Briana Silvani

 Age: 38

 Hometown:   Polson, Montana

 Occupation :   Medical Services Sales and Surgical Tech

 Favorite WOD/Metcon:  Sally !!  Especially now because I can do that one without arms !

 Favorite Lift:  Deadlift for sure !

 Favorite Cheat Meal:   anything carb related or with a flour tortilla

 Athletic Background:   Last time I did anything was High School Cheerleading and a bit of non competitive Soccer over 15 years ago!

 Hobbies/Interests outside of the gym:   Spending time outside with my kids

 How long have you been CrossFitting?:  Almost a year already time flies when you are having fun !

 How long have you been a Peak Performance Fitness Facility Member?:  April 2017

 How did you find CrossFit?:   I saw the ad for the new you 6 week  challenge , I signed up with every intention of quitting … Crazy thing happened … Crossfit unleashed something in me I didn’t even know was there !

How has CrossFit changed your Life?:   I actually WANT to work out I WANT to be sore I WANT to work on nutrition I WANT to be the best version of me possible

 What is your biggest achievement so far, and what is your next big goal?:  Biggest achievement honestly is sticking with it regardless of my injury I think I only missed 2 days the week of my surgery.  My goals are to get that first pull up, back squat my body weight , deadlift over 300 and start completing workouts RX.  Crazy to believe this but I can’t wait to get back to doing BURPEES!! HA

 What is your favorite thing about Peak Performance Fitness Facility?:  It’s a tie between the awesome coaches and the new friends I have made along the journey

 Have any advice for new members?: DON’T give up!  It WILL hurt you WILL be sore… but you WILL see changes you WILL see your hard work pay off!!