February 2019 Committed Club – Who Made The List?!


February 2019 Committed Club – Who Made The List?!

February 2019 Committed Club – Who Made the List?!


February Raffle Winners

Congratulations to….

Kenosha – Ursula Swift

Racine – Nick Lamar

This month’s Prize: Starbucks Coffee with French press’! HPCF Mugs, Bangarang mug cakes!

Congratulations to the hard working 241 other members who are ON TRACK for 2019! Seriously, though it starts with the 1 day at a time. These are the names of those who made the club for January 2019!

Did you make the cut?



Desiree Farchione (2 month Streak)

Julie Halberstadt (2 Month Streak)

Danielle Krogh

Tina Calloway (2 month Streak)

Ray Cervantes (2 Month Streak)

John Londre (2 Month Streak)

Jodie Musselman (2 month Streak)

Mike Preston (2 month Streak)

Ursula Swift (2 Month Streak)

Kristine Schmaling (2 Month Streak)

Amy Rendon (2 Month Streak)

Coach Andy Ciskowski

Mercedes Rios


Nikki Benzow (2 month Streak)

Holly Berry (2 Month Streak)

Maren McNeil (2 Month Streak)

Lynn Paulke (2 Month Streak)

Diane Sannicola (2 Month Streak)

Liz Urban (2 Month Streak)

Jermie Benzow (2 Month Streak)

Robert “Bobert” Berry (2 Month Streak)

Rachel Eggert-Witmer (2 Month Streak)

Nick Lamar (2 Month Streak)

Ashley Orwiec (2 Month Streak)

Maggie Picazo (2 month Streak)

Ben Wittmer (2 Month Streak)

Laurie Bauer

Tiffany Gaines

Clay Larson

Ellen Spiering