February 2019 Member of the Month Spotlight: Kristine Schmaling


February 2019 Member of the Month Spotlight: Kristine Schmaling

Our February 2019 Member of the Month Spotlight goes to Kristine Schmaling!

Over the past few months, Kristine has caught our attention with her selfless acts for others in the gym. She has recently started to print off the In The Kitchen Episode recipes for both gyms; ensuring that everyone eats healthy! As well as being an integral part of spreading the word surrounding the Intramural and CrossFit Open.

If you were not aware, Kristine is also a member of our Ambassador crew. She has been very helpful in helping new members integrate into classes and feel a part of the family!

We asked Kristine a few questions about herself, so here are her answers:


NAME: Kristine Schmaling


Age:  “fitty”


Hometown: Kenosha , born and raised in Bristol


Occupation: Registered Nurse / Cardiopulmonary Rehab and ICU


Favorite WOD/Metcon: I like the Chippers but most WODs are fine with me.


Favorite Lift: Split Jerk and Front Squat and Back squats


Favorite Cheat Meal:  a Juicy angus hamburger with motz cheese and onion rings


Athletic Background: Always have been very active and have tried many different forms of exercise from  Cardio at a gym, Hot yoga, Swimming, Running (not my favorite), Cable weights, circuit training, spin biking (love)


Hobbies/Interests outside of the gym: Boating, hiking biking, RV-ing/traveling, drag racing, Painting, Church and hanging out with my husband!


How long have you been CrossFitting ?:  1year and a couple months


How long have you be a Peak Performance Fitness Facility Member? 1 year and a couple months


How did you find CrossFit? Advertisement on the 21 day challenge

How has CrossFit changed your Life?  Because of the community and the approach that HPCF displays has kept me accountable and committed to at least 5 days a week. Being 50 has brought some additional challenges in weight loss and bone loss. I feel that Crossfit is an excellent avenue for bone strength and posture training. Along with hormonal balancing. Mobility and flexibility challenges that I have faced has improved dramatically. I feel stronger and although I have not lost much weight which was not my first goal, however, I am happy with how I feel and look.

What is your biggest achievement so far, and what is your next big goal? Upper body Strength ! climbing the ropes and making it to the top! (although I suffered a significant injury and nearly lost my leg,  I persevered and made it thru and climbed again) I figure if I don’t get it today …. I’ll get it in a week. I have increased some of my weight PR’s on some of the lifts by over 20 – 35 lbs. Toes to bar is the next goal.

What is your favorite thing about Peak Performance Fitness Facility?   Community and the flexibility of the class times and that there are so many class times to choose from. COACHES !!  I just wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t for the coaching … we all have our gifts ! That’s why I don’t mind paying the cost to come to HPCF. Coaching keeps me focused and accountable. Being in an environment with like -minded people helps remind me why I work so hard at staying fit. I like the age range and gender attendance! Makes for more of a relaxed atmosphere for training at whatever level you might be at in your journey.   Also the avenues that HPCF puts out there to be able to stay connected and help you to love working out and wanting to live a healthy lifestyle is relentless. The team obviously loves what they are doing and it shows in all their hard work to make HPCF what it is. I LOVE the ambassador program. I think that may be key to retention at the gym. People need to be heard and seen and validated. They need to be connected to something , someone , to a purpose.

Have any advice for new members? Just ask question, don’t feel like asking a fellow gym mate is putting them out. Everyone would be happy to help out about how WOD works how to log a workout or just in general the function of the gym and the opportunities. Check in with your ambassador. ASK them questions or bounce stuff off of them. Stay connected on any level. It keeps you accountable and integrated to the community to HPCF.