Golden Ticket


Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket Promo

Raise your hand if you are excited for this golden ticket promo!!!

Starting Monday, July 8th through Friday July 12th, HPCF members will be off to the races to collect as many of these golden tickets as possible!

We will only have a limited number of tickets out there, so you’ll need to pay attention to the social channels or watch your emails very closely for hints and details!

You’ll also be able to earn tickets from your Coaches, who will have only a small handful to hand out during the entire week. You can earn these tickets from your Coaches by performing whatever they indicate is the “challenge for the day” or, whatever or whoever they deem to be worthy of winning the ticket in a class!

So what happens when you collect the tickets?

After you win a ticket, you can give this ticket to a friend or family member of your choosing which is their “Golden ticket” To come in and join you at the gym! Similar to buddy week, but this is has been extended to a 6-week buddy week! Typically, we charge $197 for a week trial, but for this promo, participants who are awarded a golden ticket, can get the trial for only $97!

More Perks

To make things even more interesting… and to give you and your friends even more incentive, we will be doubling ALL referral bonuses! Yep, that means our give $50 get $50 for current referrals, will double to $100 for you and $100 for your friend if they sign up after the trial! There are no restrictions to how many tickets you can win, how many friends you can refer and no caps on how many referral bonuses you can earn! Refer 12 people who sign up? Then get $1200 credit on your account!

Redemption period

Starting July 8th, members can begin to collect the golden tickets and handing them to their friends. The collection period for tickets will be July 8- July 12th only for you to be able to earn these tickets… The redemption period will be July 8th and ending on July 20th.

That’s it! Earn tickets, have fun, and get your buddies into the gym with you! It’s more fun to workout with friends.