The Impact of CrossFit on Health Markers


The Impact of CrossFit on Health Markers


Today I want to tell the story of one of our members. This particular member wished to be kept anonymous, so I’ll just call her Jane. Jane called me the other day very excited – she had just received the results of her annual health screening at work, and what a difference there has been since last year. What is most significant and most awesome is that Jane is not a young athlete that most people envision when they think of CrossFit. You see, Jane is 58 years old, and the results of her screening prove one thing: CrossFit is without a doubt helping improve all of her health markers.


Summary of changes:

  1. Total Cholesterol decreased from 216 (medium risk) to 179 (low risk)
  2. HDL (good cholesterol) improved
  3. LDL (bad cholesterol) decreased from 106 (medium risk) to untraceable (low risk)
  4. Triglycerides were already low risk but decreased to untraceable
  5. Fasting Glucose was 69 (high risk) and improved to 99 (low risk)
  6. Blood pressure was already low risk but dropped even lower
  7. BMI dropped from 23 to 22
  8. Waist Circumference dropped from 30 to 29

What are incredible are the changes in Total Cholesterol and LDL. Jane previously was in medium risk categories for both of these markers and was able to improve them both to the low risk level. For someone who has a long family history of heart issues, this is incredibly significant. This is irrefutable proof that Jane is a healthier human, and assuming bad luck does not strike, has presumably increased her longevity and lifespan.

Let’s talk about Jane’s health and fitness routine. What did she do to make these improvements? Did she workout 7 times a week? Did she spend hours at the gym and lift super heavy weights? Of course not. Jane is 58, has a demanding job, a husband and kids, and a large extended family that keeps her very busy. So what does Jane do? She gets into the gym an average of 3 times per week, and does her best. She doesn’t push the weights as much as others; she doesn’t go maximum intensity every time, she just shoes up routinely and does her best.

More importantly is the effect that CrossFit has on her life outside of the gym. It promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. She’s learned how to enjoy herself while being more conscious of the decisions she is making. She still enjoys pancakes on the weekends, but instead of flour, sugar and butter, she uses more natural, health friendly ingredients. Same goes for family dinners. She’s learned healthy options and healthy substitutes that she enjoys and that are actually beneficial to her health. She adds long walks during the warm months and does more outdoors activities.

While CrossFit starts in the gym, it truly has created a global effect on her life promoting and driving the significant health improvements that she’s earned over the past year. So however old you are, whatever fitness background or ability level, however round or thin you are, you can realize these same improvements. All you have to do is show up consistently and commit yourself to the process, and the rest will come on its own. What do you have to lose?