Injury Protocol


Injury Protocol

Have an injury or limitation that could prohibit you from participating at 100% in classes?

Not a problem! Our injury process is pretty extensive, and the goal is to allow, or keep you moving so you can continue towards your goals!

If you come to us with a previous injury, or suffer an injury away from the gym (hey things happen!), or if you suffer any type of injury during class, we will set up an injury consult with you.

This injury consult is to determine the injury severity and the talk to you about our game plan! If the injury is above our expertise, then we will utilize our partners in Bedogne Chiropractors of Kenosha, Daniel’s Chiropractors of Racine or Drs of Physical Therapy to determine how we can work around the injury, while giving you time to heal!

After we determine the injury severity, or your limitations, then we can modify every workout for you! We will send you weekly e-mail modifications to EVERY workout which will direct you in every movement around your injury! We will also assign you homework for things that will help you improve so we don’t keep having the same nagging injuries or pain! Or, if we determine there are some gross deficiencies, or you are coming back from a major surgery, you will be paired with one of our personal trainers with up to 3 sessions per month to help work with you in the areas needing improvement!

We will set goals with you, and have weekly check ins, as well as meetings every 4-6 weeks to talk with you so we can assess your progress!

You can learn more about our injury process here!