January 2018 Member Spotlight – Nick Lamar


January 2018 Member Spotlight – Nick Lamar

Awesome member alert!

This may not be a surprise to many of you, but let us introduce January 2018’s Member Spotlight of the Month; Nick Lamar!

Over the past year, Nick has truly put in some work. He’s been crushing his goals, which included dialing in his nutrition, and upping his cardio/stamina for workouts.

You may not know this, but Nick is a construction worker, so when he’s not slinging weights around, he’s swinging a big hammer like Thor! However, Nick has said that nothing compares to a CrossFit workout.

If Nick isn’t slinging his hammer, or pushing heavy weights in the gym, you can generally catch him hanging in the gym socializing with just about everyone. Most people recognize Nick for his beard and his welcoming personality. He’s always cheering on others and is always trying to introduce himself to the new folks who join the fitfam.

Fun fact, Nick’s beard may be his Achilles’ Heel… He says, he gets most of his strength from it and if the bar isn’t brushing the beard, he knows his form is off!

Now, here’s some more fun facts about Nick:

NAME:  Nick Lamar
Age: 33
Hometown: Racine wi
Occupation: local 113 union construction labor, specializing in sewer& water utilities…

Favorite WOD/Metcon: so far.. “Nate”

Favorite Lift: snatches, love me some snatches.. it’s a complex lift demands stability, and mobility along with strength to properly achieve..

Favorite Cheat Meal: deep fried chicken wings… Cheese curds, mozzarella sticks

Athletic Background:  A little power lifting in high school, some bar league softball, volleyball, bowling and golf… other than that, farm work and construction built this body…

Hobbies/Interests outside of the gym: hiking, airsoft (like paintball), fishing,
biking, golfing, walking thru parks, basically anything outdoors.. watching movies with my family, cooking, eating food and my favorite staring into the sky night or day..

How long have you been CrossFitting?: April 2017

How long have you be a Peak Performance Fitness Facility Member? April 2017…

How did you find CrossFit? I was blogging another fitness regimen and my cousin karla Murphy aka Frieda mind… says you should come try CrossFit and I said ok, I was looking for a different style of training and man did I find it, I was instantly hooked I realized quickly what my weaknesses were… and started
setting goals…

Have you tried other CrossFit boxes? If so, what sets HPCF apart from the others?: Not yet but will be in Myrtle Beach SC on a golf trip in April of 2018 and plan on
hitting a box down there…

How has CrossFit changed your Life? For starters it has made me fitter, stronger both mentally and physically, being able to push through hurdles, breaking those mental barriers…. It’s also made my day job a lot easier, being a labor in general is physical digging into the earth by hand with a shovel is tough work, but CrossFit
has made me fitter so I’m not as fatigued and I’m less at risk for injury from being more mobile..

What is your biggest achievement so far, and what is your next big goal? Staying committed to a fitness goals.. always was able to set them but struggled
staying on top of it… harbor park helps hold you accountable for your progress.

What is your favorite thing about Peak Performance Fitness Facility? The fact the gym recognizes you for your hard work, and holds you accountable for goals you’ve set with the coaches… the fact that the warm ups are written specific to the workout I think that says a lot for the care the coaches have for the members when programming
our fittness…

Have any advice for new members?
Never be intimidated, always be willing to challenge yourself , be honest with yourself know that you gave it all, don’t make excuses and except the results..learn from it, get stronger, be #greaterthanyesterday…Just keep pushing, and just don’t quit…