Kenneth Murray

stars“Peak Performance Fitness Facility is, simply put, a great place to sweat. Located inside what once was the Peter Pirsch firetruck assembly shop, the space is urban and edgy, with exposed brick and beam. But with much care and hard work, the Peak Performance Fitness Facility team has covered the floor from wall to wall with rubber mats, and constructed enough rigging to keep even the biggest groups efficient and working hard. But the star of this Peak Performance Fitness Facility location is the staff. Ownership and additional training staff are hands on, commanding a mastery of their programming, and are about the most welcoming bunch of individuals that I have met. I highly recommend that you stop in to check this box out. If you’re new to CrossFit, they have the programming and expertise to get you started. If you’re experienced and goal oriented, they will continue to help you every step of the way. 5 stars from me! ** BONUS: I also highly recommend this gym if you’re a traveling CrossFitter. Just give Jason, Dave, or Corian a call, or check out their schedule online. I know that they’d love to host you, for a day or a week. A second location in Racine ads additional convenience. Personally, this is the box I wish every gym was when I find myself on the road… “

-Kenneth M.