Member Spotlight March 2018 – Mike London


Member Spotlight March 2018 – Mike London

This dude right here, earned our member spotlight for March 2018. No one can deny that Mike London has put in the work this past year losing over 40lbs of unwanted weight and working on his mindset in each and every workout.

A few of us Coaches used to know Mike as the guy who went too fast out of the gate and would quickly burn out midway into a workout. Most of his class can probably remember back to the old Mike that would routinely shout few expletives… But then something happened, Mike started focusing more on the positives in each workout, and also started working on his game plan of attack. He started focusing on his nutrition habits as well, and the pieces have started to fit into place.

Keep it up Mike, all of us Coaches are extremely proud of your progress over the past year! We look forward to seeing how you continue to progress this next year!

Watch Mike’s Video Interview Here

Here’s a few interesting facts about Mike you may, or may not have known:


Michael London         






Automotive Technician

 Favorite WOD/Metcon: 

There are so many but Fight Gone Bad is my favorite

Favorite Lift:

Deadlifts, Snatch, Squat Clean

Favorite Cheat Meal:


Athletic Background:                                                                                                     

Played some football, not very athletic growing up.


Hobbies/Interests outside of the gym:                                                                                

anything outdoors, riding my motorcycle, fishing, tubing/boating, running,

 How long have you been CrossFitting?:       

Little over a year

How long have you been a Peak Performance Fitness Facility Member?

Over a year.

How did you find CrossFit?

My sister signed me up as a birthday gift, and I’ve been addicted ever since

 How has CrossFit changed your Life?

CrossFit changed my life for the better in so many ways, CrossFit gave me a chance to reinvent myself to be the person I’ve always wanted to be.

What is your biggest achievement so far, and what is your next big goal?           

My biggest achievement has been losing close to 40 lbs. my next big goal is to dial in nutrition and really tone my body, I WANT ABS!!!

 What is your favorite thing about Peak Performance Fitness Facility?

Everyone says it, the COMMUNITY. Harbor park CrossFit is unlike any other gym experience it’s a place you can go to literally escape reality even for that hour that you’re there, the friends I have made there I wouldn’t trade the world for,

Have any advice for new members?

Stick to it, CrossFit may be overwhelming but don’t give up, do your mobility, start eating healthy and I guarantee results will happen faster than you can imagine! TRUST THE PROCESS!