Member spotlight November 2017 – Bryan Deutsch


Member spotlight November 2017 – Bryan Deutsch

Each month, we like to recognize one member who either demonstrated and held true to our core values; who achieved a personal goal, or; someone who is an inspiration to others in the box.

This is no easy decision… We know everyone brings something amazing to the class, each, and every day. We as coaches’ love seeing this! In fact, this is why we get up at 4:30am every morning! It’s almost impossible for us to decide among everyone!

With that said, to become recognized as a Member of the Month, we look for a few characteristics. Each member who makes this prestigious list, all have something in common – 1) an ambassador to the Peak Performance Fitness Facility philosophy; always helping others and never allowing a member to be left behind and; 2) an inspiration to others in the box community as well as someone who holds true to our Core Values..

This month, we want to recognize Bryan Deutsch!!!

Here is what Bryan had to say: 

NAME: Bryan Deutsch
Age: 23
Hometown: Burlington, WI
Occupation: Carpenter
Favorite WOD/Metcon: Chippers and Sprints..
Favorite Lift: Bench Press but since starting CrossFit, all things involving squats.
Favorite Cheat Meal: Bacon Cheeseburger and Fries (preferably sweet potato fries and bbq sauce)
Athletic Background:
Been in sports since elementary school. I’ve been in gymnastics, played football, volleyball, track and wrestling. Started getting into working out in 8th grade when I realized I was fat and out of shape.
Hobbies/Interests outside of the gym:
I enjoy playing rugby and anything active and fun really. Not a fan of sitting around.
How long have you been CrossFitting?:
On and off for 2 years but consistently now for the last 5 months
How long have you been a Peak Performance Fitness Facility Member?
Like 5 months now
How did you find CrossFit?
My friend Ali told me about it and said that I should tag along sometime. So that I did.
Have you tried other CrossFit boxes? If so, what sets HPCF apart from the others?:
 Yes I have, I’ve been to a handful of other boxes and what sets HPCF apart from the others is the coaches and community. Both are top notch! Welcoming, helpful, knowledgeable and all around kickass people!
How has CrossFit changed your Life?
CrossFit has changed my life in many ways from being the reason I quit smoking, to eating healthier, to helping me be more confident and boosting my self esteem, to pushing what I thought was possible. And really everything in between. CrossFit has had nothing shy of a positive impact on my life.
What is your biggest achievement so far, and what is your next big goal you are trying to achieve?
All the small goals I have set for my self and achieved is my biggest achievement. Im currently working toward my goal of a 275# squat clean and jerk and 205# squat snatch. Ohh and to also improve my hip and hamstring mobility.
What is your favorite thing about Peak Performance Fitness Facility?
The people. The community. The family.
Have any advice for new members?
Set small goals, don’t give up, always give your best effort, don’t make excuses, and showing up is the hardest part. Your health will always be more important than wealth.