Member Transformation Spotlight Cory Koeller


Member Transformation Spotlight Cory Koeller

This shocking Member Transformation comes from Cory Koeller. Back in 2015, Cory decided that he didn’t like where his lifestyle was taking him. He was a collegiate rower, so being athletic and competitive was in his blood!

Since starting Peak Performance Fitness Facility, Cory has seen tremendous results. He’s down over 70lbs, around 15 total inches and 12% body fat. Cory will tell you he still has many more goals to attain… But, his work is paying off big time!

Cory’s transformation comes from consistency in the gym, he’s been coming in 5-6 days per week since he’s joined and rarely misses a day.  He has also begun to take nutrition very seriously which has helped him dial in how much he needs to consume for his goals, and ensuring that he is eating enough macro nutrients to sustain and continue seeing consistent results in the gym!

Congratulations Cory, we are very proud of you.

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