Milestone Alert – 500 Visits Club & 750 Visits Club


Milestone Alert – 500 Visits Club & 750 Visits Club

500 Milestone Visits

In most cases, the only part we can control is the courage to show up, the next part is putting in the work… Then, staying committed and disciplined enough to KEEP showing up.

That’s exactly what these members have done, and continue to do! We would like to recognize them all for their hard work and dedication to this commitment.

We will be ordering plaques for each gym, which will showcase and highlight the members who make this list as this is no easy accomplishment.

Desiree Farchione

Cory Koeller

Danielle Krogh

Sara Benner

Liz Urban

Maggie Picazo

Monica Sasaki

Kelli Ponce

Derek Binninger

Brian Miller

Mike Onewokae

Keep up all the hard work friends, and great job! Remember, to #Justshowup

750 Visits Club

Amazing job Desiree Farchione!