OWNing Your Life Radio Ep 11- “Frightful Fears”


OWNing Your Life Radio Ep 11- “Frightful Fears”

This week on our podcast, Rachel and I open up about what scares us. Things like spiders and driving in the snow/ice but much more. Fears can be big or small, real or imagined and can change as we reach different points in our lives.

Right now Rachel’s biggest fear is working hard and still not making the crossfit games. This fear is a large part to her not wanting to waste her time, but also hoping that it doesn’t define her life. She is working on understanding that making it or now this wont define her or her life.

I myself fear failing so hard I take those I love down with me. Sounds crazy out loud and its far more then just failing or letting those I love down. I truly am afraid that my actions will result in others having a bad life. The weight of that fear over powers me many days. I have to remember that no matter what everyone is their own person. That the actions I take are my best effort and are enough. That I have a good heart and I will always give my all.

What fears do you face? Let us know what fears you have. Sometimes letting them out and talking about them helps to work through them.

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