OWNing Your life Radio Ep 12 “Defining Success”


OWNing Your life Radio Ep 12 “Defining Success”

Success and failure go hand in hand. If you aren’t willing to fail you’ll never truly succeed. Over the last few weeks we have chatted about our egos getting in the way and what scares us. This week we want to wrap that up with how we define success.

Failing is part of any journey and we completely get that. So defining success is equally important to know that you are getting somewhere. If we didnt remember what matters we would feel like our efforts are for nothing. Remembering to practice gratitude, reflect back on how far we have come and thinking outside the normal is important.

Our success in health and fitness is usually marked simply by showing up. We can’t control how everything will go, what our body will feel that day, how others perform or if its raining. So showing up and putting the work in on a daily is how we know we are successful. Without the work you will never achieve the goals.

When it comes to coaching and running a business success has some different markers. Most people will define success as revenue, profits, items sold etc. To us its about changing lives. We want to know we made a difference and an impact. Spending extra time to chat with a client about their day, or turning a frown around is far more important to us then selling another shirt or getting more followers on social media. Our hearts are here to change how people view themselves and if at the end of the day we impacted even one person…..we are successful.

Defining success for your life can be tough. Most people will again revert to results and things to feel successful. And dont get us wrong we want to have the financial freedom to love life!!! But when it comes to our death beds…we want to look back and know we had an impact. Since both of us dont want kids, leaving memories with family, friends and on the world is how we can live on. We want to know that we helped others achieve things, hit milestones and made a difference. I personally want to have so many memories that im like Rose from Titanic with a suitcase full of photographs! No idea will define our success, only our members and those who remember us.

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