OWNing Your Life Radio Ep 9 – “How we fit it all in”


OWNing Your Life Radio Ep 9 – “How we fit it all in”

Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning in again to another episode of OWNing Your Life Radio. This week we talk schedule! Everyone think that owning a gym (well 2…) and being a coach is living the dream life that is simple and carefree. Well fucking guess again 🙂

Yes we love our jobs. Yes we wouldn’t change them for the world. That doesn’t mean we get to hang out all day having fun working out and making jokes. There is a lot that goes into owning, coaching, training and everything else we do. Rachel coaches at our gym for classes, personal training and also remote coaching. I own two gyms, coach at them both plus virtual health coaching as another business.

There is far more than people know that goes into our day. Paperwork, prep work, programing, continuing education, meetings and much more. There are pros and cons to everything. We wouldn’t want to be doing anything else but we are looking to share our lives so that others can see there are always ways to get what you want in any platform as long as you are willing to work at it. Want to work a full time job plus train to compete? Go right away! Want to work for yourself and train? Great! Want to work at a gym and train even better! But none of these are effortless and come free and easy.

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