OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 10 – “Egos”


OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 10 – “Egos”

Ego is such a popular word, but is it really understood? There is a time and place for ego as it pushes us to do more and be more. That being said, we can’t let our ego blind us and control us so that we don’t reach our goals. Or worse, we push away those that mean the most to us because of our ego.

Personally I still have an ego that shows up often in coaching, being a leader and performing. For Rachel her ego pops up when she is comparing herself to others in on social media and in workouts. Its not easy but learning to realize that its happening even after the fact is a great start to learning to let your ego work to help you move forward instead of keeping you stuck.

This episode we also give you our tangible take a ways for helping with identifying where you’re ego comes out, what to do when its hindering your goals and working on techniques to better handling your ego.

Thanks for tuning in and we will see you next time!

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