OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 29: “Hobbies…And More!”

Owning Your Life Radio podcast

OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 29: “Hobbies…And More!”

Join Corian and Rachel as they discuss current events and how it affects their personal and professional lives, new hobbies, and the future.  

The current state of Wisconsin, and Racine specifically, have a direct impact on Peak Performance Fitness Facility. It impacts how we run our classes, how we interact with our athletes, how we go about our daily lives. As a result, we all need an outlet. Something that allows us to unwind and disconnect from the world around us.

That’s right, we’re talking hobbies. It’s important to find that something that is important to you and use it as a time for yourself. A time to focus your energy inward and help release the stressed of the day/week/month.

Rachel has found a new love for succulents and caring for plants. Corian enjoys being out in nature (hiking, kayaking, etc.). What is your disconnect?