OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 30: “Let’s Talk About the Media”

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OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 30: “Let’s Talk About the Media”

Corian and Rachel got together this week to talk about a few things that are on their minds. As you know, there is a lot going on in the world today so they have quite a few tidbits to share.

Firstly, the ladies talk about training and how they are doing in the gym. Did you know that Rachel had food poisoning? How do you think that affected her training?

Well, because Rachel has done an excellent job of taking care of her body she: A. wasn’t sick for very long, and B. was able to crush the next day’s workout! While getting food poisoning is not recommended to hit PRs, it seemed to help her.

The ladies talk about a few things that are present in today’s media – Covid, Beirut, and child trafficking. But the overarching theme is how you get your information.

Social media seems to play a big part in where people get their information. Bu it is important to DO YOU OWN RESEARCH. Even news outlets are biased, so you need to take it upon yourself to find out all of the facts. Become an informed consumer.

And the great thing is, once you have gathered all of the information…it’s OK to change your opinion about something or admit that you were wrong! Once you have the information, you can use it to evolve.

Corian & Rachel would like to challenge you to further research topics that are in the media. And use the information you find to form your own opinions, rather than what you are told to believe.