OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 32: “Have the discussions. They are necessary.”

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OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 32: “Have the discussions. They are necessary.”

As it always seems lately, there is a lot happening in the world and our community.  Corian and Rachel sit down this week, not to discuss the current events, but to talk about how we can move forward as a society.  They talk about how necessary it is to have open discussions and find understanding – even if you don’t agree with someone.

We are in a world filled with noise. And lately it seems to be a competition to see who can be the loudest. Unfortunately, this is conditioning our society to get bigger and louder when you want attention or want people to focus on something (good or bad). When what really needs to be happening is open discussions. Remember: if you want people to listen to you, you must first be willing to listen to them.

In our world of social media, people don’t hold back. Insults are thrown “willy nilly” and voices get lost amongst the roar of the crowd. People are easily angered and don’t want to be educated on other ways of thinking. If you just take a moment to listen, you will be able to hear where others are coming from and why they think they way they do. Heck, you may even learn something new.

Before you enter a crucial conversation with someone, take a step back and evaluate your current state of mind and attitude. Are you heading into this already agitated? Because that will lead you nowhere. Enter all conversations with an open mind and a calmness about you. You can always agree to disagree, but don’t be afraid to listen to what is being said – especially if it opposes your current viewpoint.