OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 34: “PPFF Upcoming Gymnastics Clinic”

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OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 34: “PPFF Upcoming Gymnastics Clinic”

This week, Corian and Rachel are joined by Coach Dave to discuss the upcoming Gymnastics Clinic. The clinic is scheduled for October 24th and will focus on everything handstands – from handstand push ups to handstand walking! (This episode previously aired on the Peak Performance Podcast)

It’s important to note that his clinic is for EVERYONE – that means ALL skills levels. You don’t have to come in already able to do a HSPU or walk; the goal is to provide the skills and drills to get you there! You may not walk out of the clinic having crossed one of these goals of your list, but you will leave with the tools to get you there.

Dave is teaming up with Rachel to focus on the mobility side of things. As much as we all just want to jump in to the “fun stuff”, it’s important to make sure your body is ready. You need to be able to open up your shoulders and move your body correctly to get the most out of each workout. Working on mobility is important before and after every workout. When you take the time to focus on recovery and mobility, you’ll be surprised how much faster you reach your goals.

Another focus of the clinic will be core stability. It may surprise you to know that most injuries stem from an unstable core! Your core strength plays a big part in all works, particularly lifting. Therefore, Coach Rachel will be spending a decent amount of time getting your core prepped for the bigger items on your check list (i.e. handstand stuff).

Come join us for this fun clinic and leave with new tools for your toolbox. This event will be beneficial for all skill levels! We hope to see you there!