OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 36: “Creating ‘Best Practices'”

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OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 36: “Creating ‘Best Practices'”

It is important to know what works best for you – what brings you joy, what gets you motivated, and what drains you.  Knowing that information can help you create practices in your life that allow you to grow both mentally, emotionally, and physically.  In this week’s episode, Rachel and Corian talk about some of their best practices and the importance of setting boundaries.

One thing that both ladies do is get up an 30 minutes earlier than they actually need to. This allows time to read, meal prep, relax, and not feel rushed in the mornings. Starting each day with a relaxing routine can get you geared up to take on the challenges in front of you.

Speaking of waking up, did you know that it is important for your body and brain chemistry to wake up at the same time each day? It’s true! Your body craves routine. So that means going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. This predictability actually improves your quality of sleep.

If you need to make an adjustment to your sleep schedule, it’s best to do it by 15 minute increments each day.

Just as important as quality sleep, is setting boundaries on your time. It is important to set aside time for yourself each day (or at least 1 whole day a week). But you have to stick to it. It’s one thing to say you are going to take time for yourself and another to ACTUALLY do it.

Don’t let others take that time from you. It is vitally important for your mental health to have time to yourself, doing something that you want to do.

Easier said than done, right?

Block your calendar, turn off your phone, practice saying “no”. It’s perfectly ok to have “me” time.

Some other “best practices” include journaling, exercise, gardening, reading. Really, anything that you enjoy and will help you unwind.