OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 5: “Sept Recap”


OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 5: “Sept Recap”

Well to say we have been busy this past month is an understatement!

I personally went on a trip to decompress and ended up backpacking with the worlds worst blisters. They started on day one and made the rest of my 5 day trip painful to say the least. It turned into a trip of pure grit and determination. I was not mentally prepared for that but I was not going to give up. There was so much beauty on this trip that I was not turning back. I also found a community full of support, fun, connection and accountability that was so close to crossfit I was shocked. It was what helped me to keep going far longer than I would have on my own. A personal video of the trip coming soon!

Rachel traveled to Fargo North Dakota and competed at the Dakota Games as a pro team of 4 with Blair, Brian and Ellen. They had three days of competition. During that Rachel hit some major wins in her fitness with a PR on her row calories, hitting 3 reps at 165 during an increasing snatch latter and their team taking 3 event wins! Their team finished strong and took a 2nd place finish, but they gave the 1st place a run for their money and did not let up at an point.

So what did Rachel and I learn from all of this? That we are the most determined women you will ever meet. We don’t have quit in us and will always be pushing our limits physically, mentally and emotionally. We have huge goals for ourselves and our lives and will give 150% to everything we do. That is a good thing….and bad at times haha.

We also learned that spending 2 weeks apart sucks! We missed each other and being back together to hang out, train and coach was much needed!

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