OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 23: “Cheese and other Girl Talk”

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OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 23: “Cheese and other Girl Talk”

In this week’s episode, through Zoom we chatted with Bailey from Stroud CrossFit, and Hannah and Lexi from CrossFit Lozen.

To start off the podcast, they are talking about different foods they’ve been craving and how during this time there have been certain people in their lives who are being bad influences with their food cravings & choices.

Bailey started talking about the different types of athletes regarding their food choices. There are some athletes who just eat the sweet potatoes and kale, and then some athletes who will eat half of a donut.

We all then started talking about eating dairy. Specifically – cheese and how it affects each of our diets and bodies in very different ways.

When following macros, Corian talks about how she has had to not focus on hard tracking this past week, and instead focus on palm portions with 4-5 meals per day. The reasons he had to stop hard tracking is because she was working with a nutrition coach who gave her specifically what she needed to eat, and it leaned her out but she was basically starving.

Rachel & Bailey talk about how they tend to forget to eat, and how that causes issues nearing the end of the day.

The takeaways from this week’s episode are:

  • Food is hard
  • If you’re trying to create healthy nutrition habits you need to remember that not one size fits all
  • Body dysmorphia happens at all sizes
  • Using a digital item like the WHOOP, Garmin, or Apple Watch to track your success means that you may have your feelings turned off.

When you are looking to start with nutrition coaching, think of these things first:

  • What are you willing to give up?
  • What are you NOT willing to give up?
  • What are your goals?
  • What works for YOU?