OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 24: “Food, Mindset, and Hormones”

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OWNing Your Life Radio Episode 24: “Food, Mindset, and Hormones”

In this week’s episode we chatted via Zoom with Bailey (Stroud CrossFit) and Alexis (Alpha Dog CrossFit).

Sugar is in everything it seems, we take a few minutes to talk about some of of our favorite and least favorite sugar free items. We also come up with a great quarantine project: make your own ketchup!

Switching gears, we talk about tracking food and nutrition plans that we follow. While nutrition is key to meeting your fitness goals, it is also ok (and necessary) to take a break from tracking from time to time. Just be sure that you are eating when you are hungry and focus on eating real foods. Listening to your body for cues is an important skill.

Talking about food leads us into body composition and using positive language to describe our bodies. For instance, you may know what you mean when you say that you need to lose weight. But to others it may sound like you have a negative mindset towards your body.

Probably the hottest topic of the day was hormonal birth control and the choice to stop taking it. The side effects of birth control or more than preventing pregnancy. Typically, a doctor is not going to tell you all the information before prescribing the medication; be sure to do your own research! A lot of female athletes choose to not take hormonal birth control because of the way it affects their performance. Coach Rachel has recently made the decision to stop taking the pill. This is a taboo subject and certainly doesn’t get talked about enough. Rachel is going to be sharing her story on her Instagram page, be sure to follow her to hear how this decision effects her training, performance, and overall health.

The takeaways from this week’s episode are:

  • It’s okay to take a break from tracking your food.
  • Focus on eating real food and listening to your body.
  • The words you use will affect your mindset; be kind to yourself.
  • The side effects of hormonal birth control are greater than not getting pregnant.
  • Do your research when it comes to prescriptions. Know what you are putting in your body and how it may affect you.