OWNing Your Life Radio Ep 18 “Finding your Coach”

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OWNing Your Life Radio Ep 18 “Finding your Coach”

In today’s episode, Corian & Rachel start off the episode chatting about apartment life, hanging shelves and learning what Rachel calls a “zzz, zzz!” šŸ¤£

They continue on to chat about finding the right gym and coach for you, plus knowing when to move on or level up.

Rachel just hit 4 years in the CrossFit world and after she started coming to Peak Performance Fitness Facility she believe it’s the best gym she’s ever been apart of -but she knows that she wouldn’t have realized that if she didn’t have experience with previous gyms.

Both Rachel & Corian talk about how much they care as coaches about each individual athlete, and what they do to make sure that the athletes feel that care even in a big class.

From both of their experiences in other CrossFit gyms, they’ve learned what they don’t like and what they truly value.

Here are the four things they believe are most important when looking for your gym or coach:

  • A gym should have coaches that care and are properly certified to be coaching.
  • If you are going to work one-on-one with a coach, be sure to find someone that:
    > Is passionate about what they do
    > Is willing to learn/grow
    > You connect/resonate with
  • Before you hire a coach (for anything):
    > Know what your goal is
    > Know what kind of client you are and what you want out of the coaching relationship
    > Find a coach that works within those specific perimeters.
  • Trust your gut!

Corian suggested watching Farmageddon to learn more about the farming industry.

What are the things that have drawn you to your current coach or gym? What are thing that have made you want to leave?