The Final Push To the End of the Year!

Peak Performance Podcast

The Final Push To the End of the Year!

It seems like just yesterday when we began to plan our first quarter of 2020. We had big plans and a lot of things to look forward to. Then 2020 set in and everything went off the deep end, so to speak. Needless to say, nothing went according to our plan and most of the year we just took it day by day. 

But now with the holidays fast approaching, we have some pretty big ideas, and fun plans we hope to be able to enjoy as we finish off and say “goodbye” to 2020! 

24/7 Access to the facility

We are planning to go “live” with our plan to make Peak Performance a 24/7 facility effective October 1st! A lot of though went into this decision – while we love and want to see all of our members in class, we understand that class times are not convenient for everyone. Therefore, we are opening up the gym during off hours so people get their fitness in. Of course, there are some restrictions and rules that must be followed in order for this access to continue. For more information, reach out to either Dave or Corian.

Member Appreciation Week

We already tried twice this year to celebrate our members with a Member Appreciation Week, but as is the custom of 2020 – things got thrown out of whack! But this is it!! We are going to make it happen this time!!!

The week of October 19th we will be showing our appreciation for the members of Peak Performance by having some give away items. Each day of the week a new item will be added to the “thank you table” and members can grab one!

Handstand Clinic – 10/24

Register NOW to be part of our Handstand clinic on October 24th. Coach Rachel will be there to impart her knowledge of handstand pushups and handstand walks. Both of which are goals for a lot of members.

Fall Brawl

Normally, we would be hosting the Shipwreck competition during this time of year. But again, thanks to the events of 2020, we are not. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun of our own!

The Fall Brawl will be a team in-house competition during the week of November 2nd. Teams will have until Thursday night to complete and submit their scores from the workouts. Then the top teams will all compete together on Saturday!

The Holidays

We like to bring our members together as a community and celebrate the holidays together. This year we are rethinking things a little, but it should still be great fun.

Friendsgiving will be taking place at the gym on November 22nd. We would love to see you there.

For our Christmas party this year, we are going to have a cookie and gift exchange on December 20th. Be sure to wear your PJs!

We are looking forward to the final stretch of 2020 and especially looking forward to seeing it in our rearview mirror!