Remote Programming

Whether you’re new to fitness, CrossFit or a serious athlete looking to hone your skills,
at Peak Performance Fitness Facility we have the tools to help you succeed.

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    Our remote programming and experienced Coaches can help clients of all fitness levels. A Normal gym is limited by a physical location. Not us! While we do have a physical location with all our awesome equipment, that is not where our value is.

    Our value is our Coaching! The professional relationship you get with a coach who mentors you and guides you towards health and fitness. That is not limited by physical walls. We can help you right from your own home with whatever equipment you may or may not have.

    Our expert coaches are the best in the area. We are here to help you thrive. Helping guide people to health, in the gym or out, is what we do.

    Our Virtual Programs consist of 3 levels:


    Level 1:
    Remote daily programming

    Receive daily workouts with all warm ups, cool down and stretching routines. These daily workouts come with a daily video brief with all movement demos

    • Access to our online supportive facebook community
    • 24/7 Access to our coaches via text, email and social media for questions, and or video submissions for reviewing a movement to ensure you’re doing it properly. 
    • Weekly email check ins


    Level 2:
    Remote skill based programming 3/x week. This type of programming is typical for those who wish to add in more skill based workouts, or wish to perfect a specific movement or lift. This type of program is designed to be in conjunction with your existing daily workout program.
    • Access to our online supportive facebook community
    • 24/7 Access to our coaches via text, email and social media to submit videos for review to ensure you’re doing the movement correctly. Submit your video and receive feedback! 
    • Virtual client monthly check ins
    • Unlimited virtual classes


    Level 3:
    Individualized programming. A stand alone type program where one of our coaches programs an individual 7-days per week program taylor made just for you!
    • Access to our VIP Facebook group
    • 24/7 Access to our coaches via text, email and social media and video submissions to ensure you’re doing the movement(s) correctly
    • Virtual client monthly check ins 2x/month
    • Personal written programming for your needs
    Meet our coaches:
    Coach Dave Yandel

    Specializes in Mobility and strength progressions

    Coach Blair Chapman

    Specializes in Competitive programming

    Coach Rachel Kenney

    Specializes in Gymnastics progressions

    Here’s what Our Satisfied Clients have to say:

    Before I started working with Rachel, I could not string together toes to bar, I could not do handstand push-ups, and my kipping movements were not fluid at all. Now, after roughly 3 months, we are currently working on chest to bar pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups, handstand push-ups, and I am now actually doing toes to bar in sets of 10+. I am stronger, more confident as an athlete, and genuinely feel like Rachel cares about my success.”

    Kelsey W.

    I’ve been working with Rachel for a few months and in that short time have already seen some serious gains! Not only does she focus on high skill gymnastic movements but general strength and GPP which translates into gymnastics, weightlifting, and other sports. She doesn’t just write programming, she coaches by breaking down the movements to help you understand them. She has been great with accommodating my work travel and having limited equipment during that time. Above all that, she’s a rad person, easy to talk to and get along with, which in my opinion is one of the most important aspects in finding the right coach for you.

    Reagan M.
    Ready to take your training to the next level?