September 2018 Crew News-letter


September 2018 Crew News-letter

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Welcome aboard crew members! This is the official ‘Crew News’ which is your source for everything awesome going around HPCF. So, Jump aboard as we are about to set sail and you won’t want to be left at the dock!


September 2018

In This Newsletter

  • Section 1 – The Compass – A quick look Back
  • Section 2 – From the Bow of the Ship – What’s coming
  • Section 3 – The Shipwreck 3 – 3rd Annual Competition WE NEED HELP!
  • Section 4 – The Steerage – Featured athlete of the Month
  • Section 5 – Staff Updates – Coach Miranda, Coach Robert & Coach Corian
  • Section 6 – Captain’s Log – Anchored EP. 23 Answering Your Questions
  • Section 7 – Rules & Reminders 
  • Section 8 – Nutrition – OWN
  • Section 9 – From The Passenger Deck- Social Comment of the month
  • Section 10 – Swashbuckler – Shocking Member Transformations
  • Section 11 – Apparel Item of the month – Barbell Cartel Discount Codes
  • Section 12 – Movement tips & Tricks – Banded Lat Pull-Overs
  • Section 13 – WOD Science – New video series with Coach Eddie
  • Section 14 – From The Galley – In The Kitchen With Dave

– The Compass –


We can’t believe how fast time flies! With all the good times together and awesome events, the summer is just passing us by!

August brought us another year of the CrossFit Games in Madison. For those that went, what a cool spectacle! For those of you who decided not to go, we encourage you to go view it in person next year.

Peak Performance Fitness Facility celebrated its’ 3 year anniversary this past August with the Kenosha Kingfish and some great friends. Thanks to everyone who supports our continual growth, and for those who came out with us for a fun evening! Next year, for the HPCF 4 year anniversary party we have something new planned, so don’t miss it!

We announced the registration of The Shipwreck 3 individual competition, which takes place September 29! (More info below).

And finally, HPCF was nominated once again for the best of Kenosha thanks to all of you!

Don’t forget to sign up now for the Carl Paoli Muscle-up seminar on November 17th!

– From the Bow of the Ship –

Upcoming Events To Mark Your Calendars

  • September 1st – Labor Day WOD (Goodbye to Miria Steffen)
  • September 8th – Tough Mudder
  • September 15th – FREE In House 90-minute Clean & Jerk Seminar
  • September 29th – Competition ‘The Shipwreck 3’
  • October 18th – OWN Nutrition Challenge
  • October 20th – Barbells for Boobs Breast Cancer fundraiser WOD
  • October 26/27th – Haunted Houses & Costume Party

FREE 90-Minute Clean & Jerk Seminar


Join Coach Robert as he breaks down the Clean & Jerk with you in this FREE HPCF members only seminar. Just in time for the Shipwreck 3! You’ll have a leg up on your competition! SPECIAL NOTE: If you have registered for the Shipwreck 3, you will have priority over others for a spot. Open enrollment to the first 30 members.

Register Here

September’s challenge is a…’Two-fer’

Watch Coach Andy and Coach Dave explain this month’s challenge…

Part A: We’re working on positive mindsets, as well as some community building with the “September” Positive-mindset challenge! RULES: Make 1 post a week; explain what 1 thing you’re grateful for that week and how you plan to make next week better. In 2 of the 4 posts, include something about yourself & 1 thing you’ve always wanted to do – You never know who also has the same aspirations as you!

Part B: Who wants to win a new pair of shoes?! That’s right! The referral challenge is back! September 1- October 31st we will be tracking your friend referrals. The person with the most referrals will win a new pair of shoes (your choice!) on us! All 6-week trials, and memberships count as a referral credit. 21-day trials are not counted, but if they sign up after they do! 🙂


September 29th is fast approaching! IF you haven’t already registered to compete we encourage you to do so today! We have less than 10 spots remaining before this competition is sold out! We promise that this competition is going to be a blast!

Not planning to compete? We NEED YOUR HELP! If you don’t plan to compete at the event, we really need your help! An event this size won’t be successful without volunteers like you helping us out! Don’t be worried if you’ve never judged before, or helped with an event like this, we will have a job for you to do! Volunteers receive a Shipwreck T-shirt and other perks! Sign up to help us using the link below, also sign up for 4-hours (morning or afternoon) or the entire day! We appreciate everyone’s help!


HPCF is hosting a Barbells for Boobs Fundraiser WOD – On October 20th HPCF will be hosting this event in an effort to raise money for this wonderful organization! All HPCF members are encouraged to join the team, and help out in any way you can!

What exactly is BB4B? This is their story: “At 26 years old, Cecy discovered a lump on her breast. She was denied breast screening services by medical professionals and recommended for “ mammography at age 40 ”. Not satisfied, Cecy advocated for her own health. Due to her persistence, she discovered that she was living with breast cancer.

Zionna realized the healthcare system failed her friend. From the reality that no one is immune to breast cancer and her passion for health and fitness, Barbells for Boobs was born.”

Join the BB4B Team!

– The Steerage –

August 2018 M.O.M: Mike Preston


Let’s give it up for this awesome guy!

Our August Member of the Month Spotlight goes to Mike Preston!

Some of you may know Mike’s story and some of you may not… But starting when he was diagnosed (TWICE!) with cancer, and punching that disease square in the mouth, Mike decided to take control of his life by dedicating himself to a more healthy lifestyle. He started with MMA fighting and martial arts. He loved the intensity of the martial arts and MMA fighting, but knew he was missing something… Just what exactly was he missing?? The weightlifting! Mike says his favorite thing about CrossFit is the heavy weights!

Congratulations Mike, you are motivation to many, and you’re doing great every single day! We love watching your progress… Oh, and we commend you for inspiring your beautiful wife to join you! 🙂



MIRANDA – will be returning to full-time morning shift starting September 4th in Kenosha! We know several people who will be happy about this! Sorry Robert…

We can’t thank Miranda enough for all of her hard work and dedication she has given HPCF over the past few months. We know you all loved getting her random motivational texts, and she didn’t let you slack when you weren’t around the gym!

Now she’s excited to get back to her favorite part of her job, COACHING! 🙂

ROBERT – Will be shifting to afternoons to assist Coach Dustin in the evenings. Coach Robert is excited because now he gets more training time AND he get’s to hang out with some of the evening peeps that he hasn’t seen in a while!

We know the morning members will miss Coach Robert, but we expect he will be around quite a bit in the mornings getting his training done, so don’t get too upset.

Coach Robert is also excited to help you all get your learn on at the Clean & Jerk seminar in 2-weeks!


CORIAN – will be stepping back into Coach Miranda’s previous role as Client management for the Kenosha location. This isn’t anything new from Coach Corian, as she’s been here before.

If you’re not familiar with Coach Corian in this role, well, all we are going to say is, don’t slack! Coach Corian will definitely be on you if you haven’t been to the gym in a while! Her relentless pursuit and dedication to helping you achieve your fitness and health goals will definitely make it much more difficult to slack!

– Captain’s Log –

Episode 23: Rapid Fire Questions


For Episode 23 we asked you to submit your questions, comments or concerns to the show and in turn, we’d answer every question on the show! Listen to Coach Jason, Coach Dave and Coach Corian answer your questions from Nutrition related questions to poop! You wont be disappointed


HPCF is excited to announce that it has partnered with OWN – Optimum Wellness & Nutrition! OWN was founded by Coach Corian. According to Coach Corian: “OWN was born on the concept of enhancing the longterm lives of our clients through education, lifestyle habits and taking control of their health and body. We do this by teaching you how lifestyle habits, food & sleep determine your true potential.”

Keep your eyes open, next month OWN will be hosting our next Nutrition challenge!



These rules may be self explanatory, and sorry if it’s a little redundant… But you may notice these signs throughout the gyms. Please follow them. If you use a piece of equipment, clean them off and put them away! If your child uses the child area, please have them put away the toys when they are finished. If you use a dish, a cup or a fork, please wash it! Your help in keeping the gyms clean is greatly appreciated!

– From The Passenger Deck –

Social Comments of the Month


Thank you Sara Cummins for sharing your post showcasing your awesome results as well as your new mindset changes!

Maggie, Keep crushing those goals! We will soon be posting your successful FULL wall walk, we can feel it!

And finally, thank you Coach Andy & Coach Dusty for imparting your knowledge on Nicole Scanlon for the day!

Do you want your post be featured here? Share your story on your social media and tag us! We will try to find 1 post every month that we feel inspires & motivates others!

– August’s Swashbuckler –


Check out these awesome results! The photo on the left is Cassandra back in October 2017, and the photo on the right is her most recent photo as of July 2018. She’s lost over 15.6lbs and 4.2% BF and 11 total inches! How’d she do it? She’s remained dedicated with her nutrition, as well as her mindset, body and spirit! Awesome job Cassandra, you have been awesome to watch!

– Apparel Item Spotlight –


We met this awesome apparel company at the CrossFit Games in early August. They wanted to share a discount code with all of HPCF to enjoy 10% off their apparel items!

Use code: HPCFMEMBERS at check out

– Movement Tip –

Indestructible Shoulders


Want to improve your shoulder mobility & flexibility? If you have weaker, or clicky shoulders you should be doing this EVERY day to improve the stability in your shoulders. This is also an excellent way to wake up those sleepy muscles before a snatch or heavy shoulder day!

Watch the Video



Coach Dave & Coach Eddie discuss some squat fixes, particularly hip impingements!

‘WOD Science’ which is a show dedicated to explaining some of the faults, limitations and other injury prevention or mobility correcting exercises/drills you can do to improve your health & wellness.

Watch the Video

– From The Galley –

Apple & Oat Protein Muffins

Brought to you by “In The Kitchen With Coach Dave”


Like to bake? How about a healthy, 4 ingredient muffin that will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! Check out this awesome recipe!