September 2018 Member Spotlight: Rebecca Kishline


September 2018 Member Spotlight: Rebecca Kishline

Our September 2018 Member of the Month goes to Rebecca Kishline!

Rebecca has been an amazing part of our HPCF community and fitfam. Everyone who knows Rebecca can agree that Rebecca’s smile is contagious and she always has a positive mindset!

This month, was particularly difficult to choose a spotlight member because we had so many HPCF members who participated in The Shipwreck 3. Rebecca was recognized because even in the face of adversity, and although she was in her discomfort zone, she never stopped grinding, fighting and smiling! 🙂

Here’s some info about Rebecca:

NAME: Rebecca Kishline

 Age: 33

Hometown: Kenosha

 Occupation: Household Engineer aka stay at home mom

 Favorite WOD/Metcon: I don’t know if I have a favorite. Anything that involves running and/or lifting is pretty fun.  I especially like workouts that don’t include thursters or burpees 😉

 Favorite Lift: hands down, the deadlift!  Because it is the movement which I can lift the most it makes me feel pretty powerful!

 Favorite Cheat Meal: I would give away national secrets (if I knew them) for chocolate ice cream.

 Athletic Background: Many moons ago, while in school (excluding college) I was involved in many activities: wrestling (that’s a funny story), softball, and cheerleading. More recently, I have spent a handful of years doing pole fitness and running with a great group of friends.

 Hobbies/Interests outside of the gym: I am a volunteer at the Racine Theatre Guild, both on and off stage: everything from working in the box office, stage managing, designing costumes, to acting!

 How long have you been CrossFitting?: Just over 2 years.

 How long have you be a Peak Performance Fitness Facility Member?: Just over 2 years.  I think this correlates with the previous answer 😀

 How did you find CrossFit?: I attended a Women, Wine, and Wellness event at Bedogne Chiropractic and met Corian there.  At that point I was still pretty intimidated by the idea of CrossFit.  Then come to find out the Kenosha gym was only a few blocks from my house and my hubby and I would run past it all the time.  Every time we did I would say to Mike (aforementioned hubby) that I really wanted to check it out, but I was too chicken to go alone.  For my birthday 2ish years ago he got me the gift of On Ramp and I have been here ever since!

 How has CrossFit changed your Life?: The boiler plate answer is that I feel CrossFit has given me more confidence.  Not just in my physical abilities, but in my personal life as well.  Peak Performances’s emphasis on overall wellness (including nutrition and mindset) has helped me to develop the interest I already have in health and wellness into a new career.  By watching and learning from our coaches I determined what it is that I want to do with my life and over the past 3 months have attained a Health Coach certification and now work with families trying to attain a healthier lifestyle.

What is your biggest achievement so far, and what is your next big goal?: To be completely honest, my biggest achievement is a work in progress: I am continually learning to get out of my own way.  This really came to head this past weekend at the Shipwreck 3 when I was focused on those around me and how I was doing compared to them instead of focusing on me and the task at hand.  The result was that I crashed and burned.  It was a learning moment and one that I will keep with me.

My next big goal is to level up!! I gotta get those double unders and then it’s on to Level 2!!

What is your favorite thing about Peak Performance Fitness Facility?:  I love that I have friends in every class.  My schedule isn’t always the most predicable so I don’t have a “regular” class time any more.  But it doesn’t matter what time I get to the gym, I will always have class with friendly faces.

 Have any advice for new members?: Don’t be gym-timidated; we are a friendly people and are so glad you have joined us!