September 2018 Monthly Challenge


September 2018 Monthly Challenge

September challenge is here! We are doing a Mindset challenge (turning those negatives into positives!) 🤯🧠

– Make 1 post per week to participate (up to 4 times in the month. 1 post minimum for credit) – the post must include the following:

1) What are you greatful for this week?
2) What 1 thing in your week could have been better?
3) in 1 of your 4 posts for the month, include: What is 1 thing you’ve always wanted to do?
4) in 1 of your 4 posts for the month, include: What is 1 thing about yourself that nobody knows?


Part 2 Begins September 1st – October 31st!

Who wants to win a new pair of shoes?! 👞👟👠👢

We are bringing back our refer a friend challenge! Beginning September 1 and Ending on October 31st, refer a friend who signs up for any 6-week trial or monthly membership and you get credit for a new pair of shoes! 21-day trials DO NOT count, but if they sign up after they do – Just tell your friends to mark YOUR name on the referral portion of their contracts so you get credit! By the end of October, we will tally all of the referrals and the person with the most gets a new pair of CrossFit Shoes (your choice!). Also, remember any referral that signs up to a monthly membership banks you $50 credit! Win-Win!