Shawna Rule


Shawna Rule



Coach Shawna comes to us from the great state of Wyoming! Coach Shawna learned about Peak Performance Fitness Facility through social media, and began following our feeds. Coach Shawna did a drop in, and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and the amazing Community of people she witnessed at the gym. Over time, Shawna saw an opportunity to apply to Peak Performance Fitness Facility, and in her own words, “Be able to work along side some really great Coaches and learn from some really incredible athletes.”

Coach Shawna has been CrossFitting in some capacity since 2011, and finally jumped into the Coaching role for about 1 year. However, she has been Personal Training clients since 2016. In fact, Coach Shawna started her career in fitness as a part time trainer at an Anytime Fitness in Pierre SD, where she worked for 2.5 years. After 6-months, Shawna was promoted to Club Manager where she oversaw the entire facility.

Coach Shawna is a jack of all trades, and doesn’t believe she has a specialty in any one area per se, rather, she’s more well rounded and can teach most anything. Coach Shawna says she’s passionate about, “All of this, all of this is my passion. I love fitness, I love constant improvement, and I love the drive to get better!!”

The best part about Coaching, Shawna says is, “I love seeing members catch on to something they have been working on for a while! It’s so cool to see their faces light up with the excitement of success.”

Coach Shawna says the intensity of CrossFit is what she loves along with the versatility of the training… Never boring! Coach Shawna always bases her own personal workouts off of the methodology of CrossFit, as well as any client’s she trains. When Shawna moved from SD, back to her home town of Wyoming, she knew she wanted to dive further into CrossFit. So, she looked up where the closest box was, and joined! Coach Shawna said she immediately got her CF-L1 certification and began Coaching soon thereafter!

When Coach Shawna isn’t working out, or Coaching in the gym, she loves to play sports.. But most of all, she loves to hang out with her dog, sipping on a cup of tea or getting out in the outdoors with some camping or hiking.


  • CF-L1
  • Bachelors of Health Coaching
  • Health Coaching Certification – Institute of Integrative Nutrition


  • working with newer athletes